Last 10 Threads started by Dude_Mcduderson
Problem with Windows 98 and internet 0 May 11, 2007
Galveston Bass 3 Oct 19, 2005
Really cheap basses 6 Apr 01, 2005
Electric kazoo? 3 Nov 07, 2004
Hocico 2 Mar 24, 2004
Help out a n00b! 16 Mar 24, 2004
Straight Outta Junior High 0 Jan 18, 2004
Quick/Easy Experince 5 Jan 11, 2004
:wumpscut: 5 Nov 09, 2003
Deep philosophical messages hidden within...and Burritos! 6 Oct 27, 2003
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Got me thinking way too much. 6 May 06, 2011
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Korea s trying to kill the US. 213 Jul 05, 2006
Black Metal ~IV~ 461 Jul 04, 2006
how good were you after 4 months? 12 Jul 03, 2006
Magic the Gathering V2 436 Jul 03, 2006
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