Not much to me I live in a very very very small town that I've lived in almost all my life,ohh mannnnnn I'm sooo bored.

And I am homeschooled for certain resons, ask me and I may tell you :P

I have 2 sisters and 1 annoying brother,all older than me.....they bug me but I still love them.One of my sisters', Melissa, is 20 years old, and attends a Christian College in Omaha, Nebraska, the other sister, Elizabeth, is 21 years old, and has a baby boy... So I"m an aunt!! My brother, George, is a 17 years old, and a Junior in high school... Anywho....Oh and I am also HOMESCHOOLED!! lol anyways that's about it.


Working on my website, and then playing an awesome online game called KalOnline! If anyone here plays it my char name is DuckyMistress! Pm me if you wanna meet on the game!

Talking to all my neo-friends,and my neo-sis's Gothic Girl & Spyro princess, along with all my net brothers, and sister ^^ I'd name them all, but you'd be overwhelmed

Rpg games of course(Kingdom Hearts,Final Fantasy,Spyro, Wild Arms Series,and a bunch more!),music,I like almost any type of music out there but mainly older rock,and animals especially DUCKS can't think of much else right now.

I have MSN,and Yahoo Messenger if ya feal like talking just PM me.Hm......

Pm me if you wanna learn more!


Not a word about my siggy!!! I havnt used Photoshop in FOREVER!
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Review: Final Fantasy VIII - Great

Apr 22, 2004

This game is not the easiest game or the shortest game in my opinion,so give it a try!You have to have a fairly good amount of time and patience.I love the storyline,it's kinda got a romantic part to it like any Final Fantasy.This game is great,so...

Jacolynne just call meh Jackie though ^^ You dont need to know!


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