Hi Ducklings! Well I see you around and you make good contributions in the harvest Moon threads and forums so now I'm signing your guestbook. Why? Ummm...because it's fun...could you sign mine for me too? Pwweeese?

here is a sign
i saw you around
you are really cool
please sign my book now
i would love it oh yes oh yes
like a boy who is the best yes best
just please oh please sign it now + today
for all those pretty ponies and horses sakes

the end


sign back
Cool! A wonderful life special edition is my fave game too! Maybe we can chat sometime!
Sign my guestbook too, please!
oh my! i have seen you on the pippa funnell part! you have not been there for a while now. i want to see you there more. i miss you.

Look a pony! I saw you liked horses! This is my friends horse and pony!

I hope you like it. Nicholas IV gave me this stamp:D
Another stamp wouldn't hurt.

^^ now i m signing ur GB finally:)
Hey! I just thought I'd say hello! mabe we can be neofriends!

Would've added Lumina, but couldn't find her:)
4 my newest neofriend!


so how r u in harvest moon if u hav any questions juz pm me and i will try my best 2 answer u and plz pm me if u found out anything unbelivable i would like 2 hear it

Hi there Ducklings! I wanna say hi since I saw you (not literally, duh) post a lot of messages and a few people signed your guestbook. SO COME ON PEOPLE, SIGN DUCKLiNGS GUESTBOOK! (I meant to make the letter i not caps since it looked cool! Yehay for Serf!)

You have been stamped by .......... X-Men's

Rogue Fan or should I

say .......................

Xiaolin Showdown Fan! By for now !
Sup? Would u sign my Guest book please?
laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllalaalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalal Could u buy me a new life?
I saw a bunch of your entries in the harvest moon links. So I thought I'd sign your guest book:)