The Fulton Recovery System returning is a very good thing. I've cleared out Camp Omega three times... read more

Man, this trailer looks incredible, and it brings up so many questions.

And I thought that release... read more

This makes me sad, but I can't complain. If this is really the last Arkham game, I want it to be... read more

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Drogo Baggins I'm just joking. In the Disney Infinity "Toy Box" mode you can mix and...
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... shouldn't it be called "Crimescene" instead of "Battlefield" then?
I feel like... read more

I've thought about a similar idea a lot, but with COD. It'd be cool to have a COD that abandons... read more

Aww, snap. You know I am all about dat Last Light, son. All up in here, sayin' "dasvidanya" and... read more

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Fortitudo Yup! It'll be at E3 this year.
Do you have...

...inside information?

Will DMC5... read more

Not trying to be lame, but Nordic Games is re-releasing the first two Darksiders games in a week... read more

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I'm just glad this isn't Mighty No. 9...

yet... *maniacal...
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quote Wakaman
why is the pirate game sissy stuff?
Well, pirates wear tights...
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Sadly the new super studio decided to just drop Neversoft's name entirely and just...
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EDIT: Whoa, it's not coming out until December... Never mind then, I...
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Buying a used copy of the PS3 version and getting the season pass would run you about $50+ USD... read more

H1Z1 = HoneZone

Honing a skill late at night in a wooded area...

My money's on slasher sim. Or a camping game. Or both. read more