quote DedValve
I want Kojima to go to kickstarter just to destroy kickstarter records.

Like, he...
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quote bluexy
I'm dying right now. You are responsible for this. read more

quote Slash
If Resistance was released first, then how could it be made to rival against a game...
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quote Tim
Resistance came out 10 days after gears of War. It was not insomniac trying to rip off...
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DMC4:SE is a day 1 purchase for me. I might even spring for a limited edition if it exists. I was... read more

Lookin' gooood.

I also played Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for like four hours today. I'm really... read more

quote Shin Ra
Dust and Spelunky were good, Isaac looks good. No complaints
I can't complain either.... read more

quote Bluexy
No price yet, so hooray for dodging that controversy
It should be free, obviously,... read more

Only got to play for about an hour, but I'm loving it so far. I think it's gonna really raise the... read more

quote bluexy
It's a good thing nothing in this world seems to have a beating heart
I dunno if you... read more

If this is (or includes) a PS4 port of the franchise, I'm really gonna have to make a serious life... read more

quote SpartanNinja
You forget the ambulance box. God know what went on under there...
There was also... read more

There were Box Tanks in Peace Walker. Yep, that's right. TANKS!

That game was incredibly ridiculous... read more

How is this statue not of Karliah? She's the only Nightingale I can even remember off the top of... read more

Pssh, it's totally Until Dawn, you guys. It's so obvious.

And I'm totally not just taking... read more

The Fulton Recovery System returning is a very good thing. I've cleared out Camp Omega three times... read more

Man, this trailer looks incredible, and it brings up so many questions.

And I thought that release... read more

This makes me sad, but I can't complain. If this is really the last Arkham game, I want it to be... read more

quote bluexy
Drogo Baggins I'm just joking. In the Disney Infinity "Toy Box" mode you can mix and...
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