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EDIT: Whoa, it's not coming out until December... Never mind then, I...
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Buying a used copy of the PS3 version and getting the season pass would run you about $50+ USD... read more

H1Z1 = HoneZone

Honing a skill late at night in a wooded area...

My money's on slasher sim. Or a camping game. Or both. read more

I'm shocked GZ came in second, what with the anti-hypetrain and all.

I'm pretty happy with it... read more

I've played it. It's awesome.

The gameplay is almost totally different now. I'll post a few... read more

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Does anyone know how much space this will be as far as digital download is concerned? I...
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When I heard about this, I didn't think it would be about Joel and Ellie specifically. The fact... read more

According to Gamespot, another movie character will make an appearance in this DLC.

I'm calling it now. Rambo Juggernaut. read more

I have a 360 so it's not like I'm unable to play Titanfall. Well, two weeks after the initial... read more

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Good for EA that Titanfall isn't on this failure of a console.

How do...
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Sarcasm or not, people get hit for comments like that.
I can confirm I was... read more

Good for EA that Titanfall isn't on this failure of a console.

How do you compete with COD? Prevent... read more

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Fatherbrain30 Does it serve a similar purpose? Do you staff it?
The short answer is... read more

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That's crazy to believe.

I still don't know why people are buying the next gen...
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They still have yet to release it in Japan so it's going to be interesting to see...
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ImmoStride Ahhh, I derped.
Haha, I thought the same thing during my whole first... read more

Alright, I guess I'll be that guy.

I bet this story will reveal that Ellie's ghey*. I mean, I doubt... read more

The power of next-gen has never been more apparent.

Seriously though, this is cool. I was just... read more

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Just wondering how come you guys listed The Last of Us as your GOTY nominee which you...
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It's definitely in my top three, for sure.

TLOU might beat it as my personal favorite out of the... read more

^ Y'know, there were some things that sort of bothered me about this game, but I think I was too... read more