I've seen you on the forum, and you post on one of my best and most visited threads, so...


There! now you have one guest more.

I hope other members will write here where I am
writing now...

You don't need to sign back.

P.S I don't have a stamp, sorry 'bout that
See y'round, so I thought I'd sign. Here's my stamp:
Hey! Sorry it took me a while to realise you made a new account!

I hope thing are going ok with you!

I haven't spoken to you in ages! It's good hanging at Titans! It reminds me a bit of CTTR but not the same old people, not as spammed and not as fun!But it's okay! I don't bother with stamps or nout these days, so you'll just have to put up with a boring message for your first signing!

Well sign back