Very nice, looks like I'll be heading to the armory first thing, some nice looking weapons in... read more

That sucks, but i don't mind working from the bottom up again, level 8 wasn't that hard to get to.... read more

oni_hero I agree with you completely, there's no need for elitists, especially over an emblem. I'm... read more

There is a fair bit of anger from gamers who pre ordered the game to get exclusive content and a... read more

Some really cool Achievements/Trophies in that list. I'm looking forward to rebuilding old ships,... read more

I'm pretty much amazed at what Bungie have come up with. The ability to join in on public events,... read more

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Why haven’t i used neo mobile yet? Purrdy
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Babysitting the nephew, so rough throwing all his toys around his play pen.

Well if you want an even pricier same sized steak go to Crown Casino. I'm fairly sure they have... read more

I think Destiny will live up to this expectation and more. It's shaping up to be an incredibly... read more

You can't, just leave it inactive for a long time. read more

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