Well I'm yet to post a picture, but my dreadlocks have officially taken a holiday! At least my username is accurate now haha.

I'm not trolling you, after many months of requests by members, Bungie is finally bring us more Vault space. In the newes

Welcome Guardians! Just a heads up for guests, new members and members who frequent the forums. There are a few things worth

Well, I'm partaking in something that kind of changes the practicality of my username. That activity is the 'Worlds G

The Destiny comminuty has reached 100 Guardians!

Well we did it, after an incredible chase to the finals, our boys have done us proud. South Korea defeated us early on, with

Well the Vault of Glass has been out for a while now, most of us have reaped the rewards of downing Atheon. But I'm still

Primarily, do you consider yourself a competitive gamer, taking on your fellow Guardians in battle or a co-operative player t

Happy Australia day fellow Aussies! Throw ya snags on the bbq and get ya thongs on. Crack a tinny and head down to the beach.

So Guardians, this achievement has been up for grabs since the release of the first Raid, from what I've gathered no one

The Destiny Information thread has been edited, much more information is now available!

Last raid I was in, my group and I were speaking about how awesome a hive ship and sparrow would be. The designs would be kic

A few of you will know what I'm on about just reading the title. When I was growing up I was taught to speak to people wi

As most of you know, the exotic weapons and gear you have right now, will need to be upgraded to even be considered 'usef

With the DLC only 14 days away, there is a lot of excitement going around. Not only that but mixed expectations. So, what

I was playing a decent chunk of Iron Banner last night, being a 29 I can honestly say I was doing pretty well. I came across

Anyone going away for Christmas? Any holiday plans? I wish I were road tripping it somewhere, anywhere while the weather

Hey, do you think Destiny is worth getting on the PS3 right now?

I know it's a couple of days late, but I thought I'd better post the update for anyone who hasn't had a chance to

Another week has passed and with it comes another weekly update. Now there are some interesting things about to happen in the

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