With the first installment of DLC dropping at the end of the year, no doubt there will be lots of new content. New raids, map

Looking for more entries for the Destiny header competition. Calling all artists!

I'm in the fifth stage of Toland's Journal I think, I need to give Xur my Black Market Coupon, so that'll wait un

Calling all artists of Neo! We are holding a Header competition over at the Destiny forum, it'd be awesome to see some ar

I've recently unlocked the Vault of Glass raid and I'm a pinch away from Level 26. I need 5 gamers to head into the r

The Destiny Forum Header competition is up, why not head over and show us what you can create?

Destiny has been out for nearly two weeks and so far we've only had a taste of what Bungie has in store for us. We've

I've just made three different themes to add to a forum selector Gotenks has added for me. Problem is I have no idea how

Apart frim a Devil Walker (which I faced severely under leveled), has anyone participated in random events? They seem to be m

Come and join the Destiny community! Catch live streams right now, or discuss tactics with other guardians! http://neo.ly/VpfqMR

From playing Destiny for the first time since the beta, a lot of memories, all fond are coming through. Navigating through Th

Should any of you find yourself away from your console, worry not. You'll be able to find a long list of gamers already s

One more day till Destiny! Get ready!

With Destiny only two days away, it's quiet clear that most of us are excited for its release to say the least. So far, w

Destiny is only two days away, who's ready for it's release Guardians?!
Two fractured fingers, hate this cast already!!!

Currently on the 8th episode, about to start the first chapter. Doing it Solo, which has been a bitch at times. Anyone else c

Destiny gameplay!

As of a few seconds ago, I came across some 'alpha' footage. Basically it's a beta for select gamers, inlcluding MLG player Ninja (Halo Pro).LinkyI never knew Bungie would be giving select gamers the ability to play a pre-pre-beta build of the...

Why haven’t i used neo mobile yet? Purrdy

I was talking with a friend last night about Arma, in particular Arma 2 and from what I was told it's quite in depth for

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