Destiny gameplay!

As of a few seconds ago, I came across some 'alpha' footage. Basically it's a beta for select gamers, inlcluding MLG player Ninja (Halo Pro).LinkyI never knew Bungie would be giving select gamers the ability to play a pre-pre-beta build of the...

Why haven’t i used neo mobile yet? Purrdy

I was talking with a friend last night about Arma, in particular Arma 2 and from what I was told it's quite in depth for

With no real idea what exact date the beta will be out, I was curious to see how many people have their beta codes. Have any

Babysitting the nephew, so rough throwing all his toys around his play pen.

Turns out former Design Director Joseph Staten will be returning to Microsoft, after a long stint at Bungie. Staten, who was

Well that time is nearly here again, people all over the world are going to be making changes to some aspect to their life, o

That's right, remember the blonde girl on the cd with the phone and doing the peace sign with her hand? Apparently Lindse

Got my beta code for Destiny, now the wait begins...
Happy birthday Jimi Hendrix. 71 today, wish you were still shredding it here down on earth. You were needed elsewhere.
Destiny is just under 4 months away, anyone else hyped for it's release?
What a game, Victory played a great game with ten men. Beast mode.

For me, the Warlock is badass, and seems to have a helmet that bares a resemblance to Daft Punk's helmets. It'll most

I just got my hands on Sony Vegas 9, not the newest version but definitely my favorite to use. I'm wanting to do a few pr

Can't wait to play the BETA for Destiny, anyone else per-ordered yet?
Hace mal tiempo, llueve, hace viento, hace frío. :(
Engagement party = Many woman. 50 odd women, 100 boobs.
My dreadlocks impose their authority on all, no one is safe from the locks.

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