Quetzalcoatl Dramon Knight
Mar 13, 11 5:54am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Alexansar Dramon Knight
Feb 18, 11 5:50am
Thanks for being a great friend ever since the start. I appreciate it a lot and you deserve this.

Black Pikmin123 Dramon Knight
Feb 12, 11 4:51am
You epicly signed my sort-of epic guestbook with epicness and so I decided I will somewhat epicly sign yours with an epic epicness overachieve stamp for being so epic :3
baibai216 Dramon Knight
Feb 4, 11 11:59am
Hey, Cam! I just wanted to say that you are completely and utterly AWESOME!! You are one of the funniest people I know, one of the most talented, and one of the nicest! Congratz! You are a great person! Oh, and you have been stamped!
TKuja Dramon Knight
Jan 4, 11 12:06am
I thought I'd sign a guestbook for one of my best friends across the sea
I hope you are doing good and that you have a good new year so far. I wish I could meet you personally someday
So, here's a little page stretcher.

I'll see you around.
animalmoonART Dramon Knight
Dec 24, 10 11:28pm
Merry X-mas Cam! I made a promise so here I am! We haven't signed each other's guestbooks before although we've known each other since I like joined... I BLAME YOU >:0 (I have saved your birthday, fave animal ,fave color, and fave food in my mind ) Thanks for bein a great big brother!! ^-^

Merry Christmas Mi Lady! Onii-chan!
animalmoonART Dramon Knight
Dec 24, 10 11:21pm
Well i made a promise to ya!! ;3 So here I am singing your book! BOW DOWN >:0
Anywho, can't believe we've known each other for so long and NEVER signed each other's books! I BLAME YOU!! >:0

Thanks or bein' such a great big brother and Merry Christmas (EVE) ( I know have your birthday, favorite color, fave food, and fave animal saved in my mind 4EVER :shity: )

Cassandra Dramon Knight
Nov 6, 10 8:43pm
You're cool, I'm on a signing spree. I made a lame stamp. So TADAAA. I'm signing your smexeh guestbook. And also complaining about the fact that you haven't posted in the helping hands thread in ages, naughty Cam! D:<

Anyhoo, I shall give you this token of my forgiveness:

nelehjr Dramon Knight
Nov 2, 10 4:28am
Wow! I cant believe it! You as nearly as crazy as I am!!!...Or just as crazy...I need more charaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tyranitar999 Dramon Knight
Nov 1, 10 2:29am
so, this isn't really anything to do with elvis, but neoseeker is kinda anti-chat at the moment....hopefully we can get it chatty again! (feel free to delete this.)
LT23 Dramon Knight
Oct 22, 10 3:28pm
I've now known you for over a year and I still haven't signed your guestbook!
Homemade stamp ^^ :


↑Oh yes.↑

quote One of our PM convo's
Cuddly Cam!
Thankyou for being my Neo BFF and listening to me going on and on and on and on etc. And… Err… Thanks! I'll PM you when I'm not angry with the new PM system! =]

See ya! =3
LiaAy Dramon Knight
Sep 26, 10 2:21am
hey cam,
just stopped by to say your a really great friend,
thanks for always bieng supportive,and concerned,
your a great friend so well just keep bieng you,
and keep on sk8ing,
and keep on bieng bad ass

well peace out:)
Lauren Dreamer Dramon Knight
Sep 17, 10 6:59am
I really hope you know by now that you placed in the Member Awards section of the Warriors: Into the Wild Forum Awards! If you didn't, then now you know! Anyway, congrats!
super_dude_123 Dramon Knight
Sep 4, 10 10:51pm
hey dude whats up check out my threads if you wanna or you can check out my gallery its up to you. or you can pm me about stuff well bye
Hey Cam! I finally got around to signing your guestbook!

Hmm... I can't think of anything else to say... anyways, here's my stamp:

See ya soon! :3 ^ ^
Hey Cam! I finally got around to signing your guestbook!

Hmm... I can't think of anything else to say... anyways, here's my stamp:

See ya soon! :3 ^ ^
Funkey s Dramon Knight
Sep 2, 10 5:20pm
woolfie is right next to me now and hes in a fight. i just shot him with my best ammo. am i proud? yes im proud i just shot that supernerd and now he works in a garage
iCloud Dramon Knight
Jul 24, 10 6:49pm
Heya, kitten! I feel like a jerk for a late birthday message ): Hope you had a great day yesterday though! :]

Here's a picture I found which I thought was pretty awesome, hehe.

Happy 17th birthday fellow KH fan :]

Picture says it all.
Happy Birthday! =D
TKuja Dramon Knight
Jul 23, 10 6:02am
So, I wish you the best that you can encounter in life. I wish you nice lady, a car, a house... everything you can ever imagine. But also there are no happiness in life without good health so it is the one thing I wish you the most. I wish you that this birthday will be the most special day in this year. So, eh, once again, happy birthdayy. xD
Hello. =p
Thank-you for signing my guestbook, and I take my rules very seriously...

You are extremely awesome (even more than me =o) and you also have a great sense of humour. =D

I feel like I'm writing a formal letter. D=
And thank-you for your contribution to my new charity; the Give Alice Money For Fun Fund. It shall be used wisely. =D

And, as I have a load of building going on outside my house, I shall leave you with this picture instead.

Face smoosh! XD

Talk to you later. =D
TKuja Dramon Knight
May 6, 10 5:53am
Just wanted to sign your guestbook and say that it is good that there are still kind people like you on the world. Keep up to be so great and see you when you will be online. xD
DranzerBlade Dramon Knight
Feb 15, 10 7:06am

hehe, sorry for the cruddy picture, what comes of using an internet photo editer. XDD But yeah, Happy Valentines!
Hey brotha, thx for signing my guestbook. I'm here to repay the favore . You've been a really good friend to me.
quote Doug (from Up)
I love you!
lol, as a friend of course!
Dusk Dramon Knight
Dec 25, 09 2:30am

    Merry Christmas Cam!

    *gives a present of cookies* :3