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Are you finding yourself wanting to raise some Pokemon that you maybe wouldn't in R/S/E? Now that most Pokemon have much

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Re-tweaking the profile
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I shall protect you!
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How's your Pokemon catching going? Caught 156. But I just finished the E4 so I'm looking to start breeding and evo

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Apologies, but I be too inactive now :o
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I'm not what you're looking for
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Jul 28, 12 11:24pm

In the chance of losing the origin of this, I will preserve it here. It's leaked info on a new game coming out for the Kinect:

Boobs N' Balls

The entire game is spent motorboating tits, but be careful! Hidden in the melons are men's ballsacks, and each time you motorboat a pair the women start to question you and walk away. You are given small clues as to when you may encounter unwanted nuts, for example hairs, smells, white stuff and spots, with the signs getting vaguer with each increase in difficulty. The more times you motorboat boobs in a row, the higher your score. Get too many balls and all the women walk away, that is game over. In the final level, you're blindfolded and you either motorboat your mum's rack and win, or give dad's sack a niggling and lose. Good game but gets difficult, there are also 3 endings:

1) Good ending, mum taps your shoulder and congratulates you on becoming a man. All the women line up and the credits roll as you perform drive-by motorboats.

2)Neutral ending, it turns out to have been a normal night out, and you plan to get more women next time.

3) Bad ending, dad shoves his dick in your mouth and you choke and die. The devil appears as your spiritual guide, but he also chokes you with his dick, and you die in hell.

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Jul 28, 12 10:41pm

Hello fellow existence, the night is young...:P

I have a job, as of the 16th June actually but now's the time I decide to type this out to no one of a particular Username or Identity. It's a call centre job, my first job actually and it is pretty awesome. The people are friendly, it's got a £7.50 hours a week pay and time flies doing this job. The hours are good, won't interfere with my studies, and because you spend time waiting for calls and go through a simple procedure that lasts for 3-5 minutes avg. when someone calls in, your shifts will fly. Seems I've come into something really quite good.

And I turned 19 on July 23rd, got an iPhone 3GS 16Gb and am now adding music to it. What I'm adding is really old music I had years ago, and new stuff I find and buy. To summarise, life is going well. :D

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Jul 25, 12 10:06pm
My soul is BURNING
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Jul 18, 12 10:57pm

The sun was passing by when I was on the streets. It was 10PM, on a particularly bad street. There was chaos everywhere: the buildings were ruined, the road was torn, the locals looked barely any more decent than the homeless, the entire place was just hopeless.

Not a drop of hope resided anywhere. The street was dry, the people were just as so, desperation and depression the people reeked of were too thick to tell apart. It was just the barren remains of something former. The sky should have been dark, but the pollution forced gales of ruin to keep a nasty brown colour in the air.

Out of nowhere, an old lady had appeared. She could have been at least 80, and it looked like her time was nearing. She seemed wise, so I approached her and asked "Do you think these ruined streets have a future"? She turned to me and innocently spoke "A future? Is that something you find on those computer thingies"? "I can't afford one of those, so I can't have this future thing you mention. Would be kind enough to explain"?

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Jul 9, 12 3:59pm

Simply put: NO. When you combine logic with what I write, it may seem that way. You're missing something though, what could just be called helping others.

Going back to what was said before, you have to be 100% intent, free of doubt to achieve your goals in their entirety. There can be nothing but the absolute focus and desire for it to happen. No big surprise, while our soul may potentially be perfect, our human lifestyles certainly aren't. Here it comes, the big thing to always remember.

Everyone has their own problems, good and bad, right? All the good things we do, influence others and give us reason to enjoy our lives, by helping each other understand what happiness might be. Similarly, we have the bad, anything from violence to jealousy of another person, stuff you'd consider imperfect. So you see, our lives aren't just toys made my perfect beings, rather, we are still individual and separate from this perfection, and rely on each other for help to become closer to it.

I'm horrible with description, I will try anyway though. :(

Say you get someone who is upset over how life has been recently and starts to feel hopeless. Doesn't seem idealistic huh. You can simply go your way, or you can help this person out. By attempting to help, you're, on a larger scale, trying to make them more intent on their goals in life, giving them reason to not give up and overcome their sadness. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying help everyone with everything, but ideally there should be at least one person to help when others are unable. It doesn't make anyone less of a person if they can't, because it's not always possible. It's when you prefer someone's sadness that there's a problem. But anyway, you help this person other than yourself, and now they'll benefit from it. Does that give you reason to live beyond having fun? Well, if you hadn't been there to help, would it have done their spirit any justice? Who knows when in life they'll receive the help you just gave them, it's done and they've come closer to understanding.

Similarly, if someone is happy, or impressed by something, or something they've done. That can be shared with others, you know. Not in the dividing sense, you don't divide happiness because it's part of the energy that doesn't take physical form, our bodies shows happiness, proof we can tap into this energy.

The point is, our life's meaning in its deeper roots points to helping others instead of ourselves. we are everything, yet we are imperfect. We need others to support and help us to improve and become perfect, we're all connected to this energy and need to harness it together to understand it. Remember, it is not about gaining, but understanding what we may actually be, beyond these corpses. With the intention of growing alongside everyone else, we'll all benefit.

Competition is healthy, war isn't. Competition isn't supposed to invoke jealousy or to feel greater than the next guy, if we already have everything it's meaningless. Rather, it should be a test of how you're doing, to inspire others to try harder and test your strength, but in a friendly manner. That's how it should be, testing what you can do now so you can understand where you're at in life. If you want to put a higher goal in this life, and if you can find the pure intention to do it.

Read with an open mind people, these are not posted as fact, only possibility, believe whatever you're comfortable with, but don't be afraid to question it sometimes.

All the best, see you next blog. :D

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Jul 9, 12 3:59pm

In the book I'm reading, "The Power Of Intention" by Dr. Wayne M Dyer, there is a section which suggests what I will not attempt to summarize. You see, spiritualist belief is that we are all connected by a form of energy that can't be physically perceived but exists in everything. We're believed to have souls, our true selfs, of which a fragment exists in a physical body we use to experience life on Earth. The point I got from this is that we use a part of our greater, divine self to use in the physical world, but we still have a link to our greater self. But because we're unaware of this can can't perceive this energy, we can't tap into this energy too often.

Now then, it also states you never leave with anything more than you had before, for anything in life. It isn't about gaining something all-new, or being a better person, the things you achieve in life are the goals you seek to experience something new, but on the grander scale of spirit you're simply fulfilling the requirements for certain intent. So basically, you already are everything you could imagine yourself being, but you could only be such things when you clear your mind of any doubt, being 100% intent on whatever it is you plan to do.

This confused me though for a while, with what our souls actually are. In this sense, what are we actually here for? If we already have everything hypothetically, and choose particular traits, looks, etc. when born, is it like we're playing with life and coming here for the hell of it?

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Jul 8, 12 12:11am


Water is the best. fuel of life, cleaner of souls, wine of the pure. I have always loved fizzy drinks, more than anything because of how it feels when I drink them. Sounds weird huh, I just happen to like the feel of downing fizzy liquid.

However, I always find when I've done some exercise, I'm about to grab some Pepsi when I decide water will refresh me better. And then I'm reminded, of the ultimate glory of water, so pure and fresh, from the first point in day I have some it's practically the only drink I have for the rest of the day. It's too amazing. I want to say more, but this was fairly unplanned and rather a great outburst of sorts. I enjoy spirituality, so I will probably attempt to coat water in some deep insightful thoughts eventually.

Well, until then, reader. :D

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