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Nov 22, 10 6:52pm

9 Hours from now. That should be at about 6 or 7 PM (EST) for me. I should have prepared the Iron Curtain crafting business.

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Nov 14, 10 8:15am

Tespia happened. I tried it out recently, and lemme tell you, IT LAGGED. I'm posting this from my desktop, and all my screenies are on my laptop, so let me brief it up a bit.
  • The New HUD is a go, sexy looking.
  • The Mini-map has been updated with a function to zoom in by 2x.
  • Quest Bubbles have new features, such as a lock if the quest is unavaliable, or darkened out if it's probably too easy for your level
  • COMPLETELY new Maple World. Speechless changes.
  • Remote Quest finishing.
  • Regular Taxi now takes you to Sleepywood town.
  • Christmas Events
  • Evolution Rings
There's also a Super Cody thing-a-majig where he can level you up and give you some Job-based equipment.

Later today (14th), I'll probably get some pictures, and maybe footage if MapleStory would accept Fraps.

Oh and, Resistance is currently unavailable for Tespia, but Edelstein quests still show up in your Quest List and the Resistance job box is darkened out.

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Aug 18, 10 5:28pm

Yep, you may have came in from my signature, and I'll be reviewing MMO's, FPS, anything that is free and playable. Whenever you can, PM me a suggestion that has a link to gameplay footage (no trailers, please!) so that I may try it. There should be at least one game every week and you should be able to read it.

This will be LEGEN... wait for it... DARY.

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