Remember the PKMN Diamond Clan forum? Yeah...
I will consume your BEVERAGES!
Does anyone remember me? I was the n00b!
They will soon know the name...DUOGIGAS!
Gotta have guts, dood!

Its been a long while. I first came to Neoseeker for the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Clan forums. I eventually roamed the forums and ended up in the Brawl Forum for the longest time. I even frequented various wikis.

I also frequent the Gamesgrep site, and occasionally give my two cents on news.

Why do I keep coming back to neoseeker? When I have Facepunch Studios, IGN, Gamefaqs, or other sites?

Don't know, but don't care. Neoseeker is how I started my Internet rampage, and its how I'll end it(you know, when internet stops or something)

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