Fan favourite Gatiss, who is often looked to when discussing people to take over when Moffat does leave Who, has finally comm

Source It looks as if Capaldi is yet again changing his attire for Series 9 albeit only slightly. His updated look feature

With the completion of Series 8 last year, the 10th anniversary of the revival of Doctor Who and the anticipation of Series 9 Two more episode names have been revealed for Series 9 of Doctor Who and looks to be the se Today Doctor Who announced via twitter the exciting announcement that Maisie Williams (Arya

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Today is March 26, 2015 which means it is exactly 10 years since Doctor Who returned to our screens on BBC1 on March 26, 2005

Any new release wouldn't be complete without one of these threads! My copy of the Blackwater edition arrived in the po

Is anyone getting this now the game is becoming F2P? Even though it has had some pretty poor reviews on various websites whil

Source --Quote-- Filming has begun in Cardiff for series 9 of Doctor Who and includes a star-studded guest cast. The new s

--Quote-- Bad news for Anglophiles: Thanks to an expiring contract, Netflix is dropping the vast majority of its BBC content

With no moderator residing over the forum, but the forum still in need of some leadership, the senior moderating team have de

As we speak, filming for Series 9 is underway. This means only 9 more months to wait until our next fix. Hahahahaha... h

2015 looks to be a promising year for the Playstation 4, with a plethora of AAA and indie games coming to the platform. Last

Merry Christmas guys! Hope you all have a fantastic day and get all you wish for. Dragoon, you're friendly neighborhoo

2014 is nearly over, and the year has gone far too quickly. What a year it's been for the show! This time last year we we

Has anyone asked for anything PS related for Christmas? Always wanted the Playstation Camera? Need a new PS4 controller? Been

With the diverse range of romance options for Inquisition, I'm interested in who you romanced and what your gender and ra

So after it was announced earlier this year that BBC3 would be moving from a Digital Terrestrial channel so a purely online c

] Promo images for "Last Christmas" are available! An apple a day doesn't keep the Doctor away?

--Quote-- Peter Capaldi has dropped a few hints on this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. Capaldi said: “It

As the year draws to a close there are a surprising lack of triple A or big game releases this month - all taken up last mont

When bolding or italicising text links in the navmenu in the Walkthrough pages, when going back to the main page (or any othe

With the introduction of Mirage Spots, of which you can challenge and capture a host of legendary Pokémon from previou

Anyone who is anyone knows about the Pokemon games and how, usually, in each generation there is a third "revamped"

] Along with the above image, the BBC also released the official name for the 2014 Christmas Special, which will be called

So I'm at the cross roads right near the start of the story where I need to choose either the Templars or the Mages to ai

I thought it would be a nice idea, since this is the first AC game to feature solely on next gen, that it would be a good ide

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Series 8 is over so... what did you think? Doctor Who Series 8

Series 8 is now over and we got a really, really good look at the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. While this ser

] Series 8 is now over and we got a really, really good look at the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. While this ser

--Quote-- Since Doctor Who returned to our screens back in 2005 there has been a Children in Need tie-in of some sort, and th --Quote-- Michelle Gomez has said that she&rsqu