Source --Quote-- Writer Peter Harness has teased his upcoming Series 8 episode Kill the Moon in the latest issue of Doctor

Was there a monster or not in this week's Doctor Who? Doctor Who Series 8 This seems to be a topic of controversy all over th This seems to be a topic of controversy all over th

_Listen_ _Writer:_ Steven Moffat _Director:_ Dougla

Okay so i guess any fan of the show is aware of the rumours that Jenna will be leaving the role of Clara Oswald and Jenna&

_Robot of Sherwood_ _Writer:_ Mark Gatiss

We all have them, we all play them, there are always games we will buy everytime a new one is released despite telling oursel

We're all familar with the term "fandom", right? --Quote-- _Fandom_ (consisting of fan plus the suffix -dom

I understand that this might not be something some of you have thought to much about seriously, but what job would you ideall

Rachel Talalay (great name, fyi), took to twitter in the early hours of this morning to tease something interesting about the

I think this month's Feature Game needs no introduction. I personally have been hyping it for months and months and month

--Quote-- The Doctor turns bank robber when he is given a task he cannot refuse – to steal from the most dangerous bank

Anyone else unlocked these yet? For those that don't know, by completing the Elite Tag Mode at the Xian Du coliseum, a

_Into the Dalek_ Date: Saturday 30th August 20

Introduce thyself!

Prepare to Die! I suppose we should all introduce ourselves, as I hear it's all the rage these days. :thick: Howdy, I

So I just obtained the Conqueror's Blade after stumbling across it in Hamil when looking for random Napples because the K

@Rayce@s. :epic: As we get closer to the release and after quite a significant time has passed since the beta, has anyone

Hey guys So I'm at the warehouse in Drellin after getting the notification in Trigleph to come here, and when trying t

_This thread will contain spoilers concerning the end of the game_ Which decision did you guys make in the end; remove the

So I've just recently unlocked Ludger's Artes "Moonlight Assault" for Dual Blades and "Magical Destruc

Working on the Assassin's Creed Unity walkthrough/wiki, I have run into this issue quite a few times when trying to write

As evidenced on this page there is an iamge alignment issue on walkthrough pages. Trying to align the image in various ways i

_The following information could be considered spoilers, read at your own risk_

Today we got treated to some new images of the series debut, only 4 days away. There isn't much up for discussion here, s

_Her exit after 18 months playing Clara Oswald could create a vacancy for another sidekick to star alongside new Doctor, Pete

--Quote-- Moffat explains how the title came about: “Our beautiful new title sequence — it’s absolutely stu

--Quote-- A Dalek fleet surrounds a lone rebel ship, and only the Doctor can help them now… with the Doctor facing his

--Quote-- With just 10 days to go, BBC One have finally confirmed the UK premiere time for Deep Breath, the opening episode o

7URAlEbFf2E The more videos I watch for this game, the more and more I find myself wanting to get it. As someone who has F

3-8KF4vOXcs So at Gamescom we finally got to see some in-game footage of the Naval gameplay in Rogue and it looks pretty a Official Korean Site accidentally leaked images of MegaSlowBro and MegaAudino online.

--Quote-- Rachel Talalay has spoken about directing the two-part Series 8 finale, promising a healthy dose of action and emot

--Quote-- Put those Peter Jackson hopes on hold for another year. According to the producer’s online CV, Paul Wilmshurs

So as we quickly approach the debut of Series 8, I was wondering if people would be interested in further Live Chats (similar