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Beat Orichi for the first time. Now heading to the capital city. Okami PS2
Just beat Crimson Helm, now heading back to Kamiki Village Okami PS2
Exploring Tsuta Ruins and on the search for Ume. Just finishd fishing with Kokari Okami PS2
Just entered Hana Valley. Okami PS2
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  • "Absolutely awesome game! <3 Okami PS2"
    Firebyrd Aug 05, 12 7:46pm
  • "This game was absolutely amazing in every way! I enjoyed the heck out of this game!!! Okami Wii"
    Firebyrd Aug 05, 12 7:42pm
  • "In the little village Issun is from! Trying to get enough money together for Power Slash 3. Okami PS2"
    Dark Arcanine Oct 13, 11 5:51am
  • "Up to the lovely snow area up at Kamui and onward. Hares under bridge = devious dev's, but I found them! Okami PS2"
    Dark Arcanine Oct 10, 11 4:20am
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