A ton of Star Wars: Battlefront info dropped over the last few days, including the official release date! http://neo.ly/1oO4dkw StarWarsBattlefront PS4

I loved the games when they were on PS4 but am slightly cautious about the release of this game.... read more

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When I was told about this I thought it was a pretty niche concept, but I was actually kinda... read more

I think people still need to take in to account there are very few games that Playstation can... read more

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Want to test your creative flair? The Doctor Who forum needs a new look http://neo.ly/1CCyFIn
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Maisie Williams joins the cast of Doctor Who in Series 9! http://neo.ly/1CCvDnC Doctor Who Series 9
likes Lorx's status update: "Thinking of getting a PS4? Amazon's offering the PS4, Bloodborne, Last of Us, and $20, for the price of the base system, $400 USD."

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That news would look mighty fine in the doctor who forum. read more

likes Shiny's status update: "5 more years of Big Finish confirmed!"
Manage to pick up Bloodborne recently? Then take part in our forums! http://neo.ly/1HUJEQB

What the frick? Why no lead up announcment? I NEED TO MENTALLY PREPARE MYSELF EA, GOD DAMN IT. I... read more

Im surprised it's March and still no new Pokemon game announcement