likes Enth's status update: "Severe apologies for my lack of activity recently. Its because after six years of being with my girlfriend, we finally got engaged :3"
Finally got myself a mac. :o
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Have you picked up your copy of The Order: 1886 yet? I have, and I think it's quite rad. TheOrder1886 PS4
The Order: 1886 is awesome \o/
i want to diiiiiieeeee

Transistor is now on my PS4! I might give Apotheon a go, but 2D side-scrollers have never really been my thing. read more

Before FFXIV:ARR I might not be interested in this, but since playing that game I've almost become... read more

quote Insanity Prevails
Nice to see Pokémon get an entry (even though I strongly disagree with the...
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TSEO subs removed. Might get the game when it comes to PS4 now. Maybe. Reviews are a bit meh. Dynamite? tekmosis?

I rrealise for many ffxiv is a 2013 game, but it came out on Ps4 in 2014 so nurr read more

You mean that clapped out old wiiu catmod? nope, don't remember him. read more

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