Things change drastically for Clara after "Kill the Moon" Doctor Who Series 8
so apparently new fans of Doctor Who are calling themselves Dweeks... bahahah. No.
The Smash Bros. wiki is killing it. Check it out!
S08E1 "Deep Breath" is now available on Blu-ray and DVD Doctor Who Series 8
In which Moffat admits before Series 8, Clara was just a plot device: Doctor Who Series 8
Was there a monster or not in this week's Doctor Who? Doctor Who Series 8
Now a powecut. This morning is getting better and better
What a great way to start the day, waking up to a broken laptop. >.>
What did you think of "Listen"? Let us know! Doctor Who Series 8
likes Docile's status update: "Why did I not watch Doctor Who earlier?!"

I like MegaCamerupt, shut up Docile.

LOVE Gallade's Mega design, subtle as it is from the... read more

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So the Destiny forum got itself a moderator, think it's about time you checked the forum out. Destiny PS4
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