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I literally cannot wait for this game. It's been too painful since the beta, because now I know what I'm missing out on! read more

I'm tired of all your whining. Go play Titanfall or something, adults are talking. read more

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Turns out the title sequence used in Series 8 was made by a fan online! http://neo.ly/1rAQ6AO Doctor Who
This is how Assassin's Creed games should have always played. Thank you for finally getting it right, Ubisoft. http://neo.ly/VpxIAr AssassinsCreedUnity PS4
If you didn't know, Gen PS4 has a new GotM because [i]someone[/i] (hi) got the dates wrong. Check it out! http://neo.ly/ViqZIW

Looks so good! The multiplayer was something I really wasn't expecting to enjoy going into the... read more

We now know all the names of the episodes for Series 8! http://neo.ly/1m6tfeh Doctor Who