Son of Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, to appear in 2014 Christmas Special Doctor Who Series 8

BBC confirmed via the official Doctor Who twitter today three of the guest stars for this years Christmas Special. They inclu

Information dump for next 4 episodes Doctor Who Series 8 following information can be considered as spoilers.

"Kill the Moon" synopsis revealed Doctor Who Series 8

The BBC have officially revealed the synopsis for Episode 7, Kill the Moon. --Quote-- In the near future, the Doctor

Things change drastically for Clara after "Kill the Moon" Doctor Who Series 8

Source --Quote-- Writer Peter Harness has teased his upcoming Series 8 episode Kill the Moon in the latest issue of Doctor

so apparently new fans of Doctor Who are calling themselves Dweeks... bahahah. No.
The Smash Bros. wiki is killing it. Check it out!
S08E1 "Deep Breath" is now available on Blu-ray and DVD Doctor Who Series 8
In which Moffat admits before Series 8, Clara was just a plot device: Doctor Who Series 8

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