17 hours ago
The more I think about it, the more I want a Tales MMO
Jun 21, 15 6:17pm
Did you like the look of this new IP from the Sony E3 conference? Come and let us know! http://neo.ly/1FuQKF7 HorizonZeroDawn PS4
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 15 6:16pm

This game looks absolutely fantastic, right? Came completely out of nowhere! Therefore I think its a good idea, since it'

Jun 21, 15 6:12pm
Happy Father's Day! :D
Jun 19, 15 8:38am
Happy Heavensward!
Jun 18, 15 8:33pm
*heavy breathing* 13 hours until Heavensward early access
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Jun 16, 15 11:27am

The forum for Dishonored is now up! http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/89210/

Jun 16, 15 11:25am
Did you see the Dishonored 2 announcement yesterday? Check out the forum! http://neo.ly/1Iihbjs Dishonored2 PS4
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Jun 16, 15 10:44am

Who will you play as in your first playthrough? Depending on the information released leading up to the release, currently

Dragoon shared a forum thread
Jun 16, 15 9:41am

It's finally here, Dishonored 2!! Please introduce yourself here and let others know about you, and get to know one an

Jun 15, 15 6:36am
E3 is off to a *bleep*ing amazing start, that trailer for Dishonored2 is intense!! http://bit.ly/1G6fmET
Jun 10, 15 10:56am
Tha next 'Tales of' game officially announced! http://neo.ly/1JJlkRD TalesOfBerseria PS4
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Jun 10, 15 10:52am

Hey guys! Thought it would be an idea to throw an introduction thread up so we could all get to know one another! I'

Dragoon shared a forum thread
Jun 10, 15 10:50am

After months of speculation after the name was copyrighted back on April 2015 we finally have confirmation that this game is

Dragoon shared a forum thread
Jun 05, 15 9:40am

http://images.mmorpg.com/features/9053/images/HeavenswardLogo.png _ !17 days _ Heavensward is fastly approaching. We&

Jun 05, 15 9:37am
Are you excited for Heavensward this month? Come join us in the FFXIV forum! http://neo.ly/13JcRWO FinalFantasyXIVARealmReborn PS4
Jun 05, 15 9:35am
Will you be picking up the Nathan Drake Collection? http://neo.ly/1EZlY75 PS4
Dragoon shared a link
Jun 05, 15 9:35am

The internet exploded yesterday after it was accidentally revealed by way of an early advertisements in the PSN Store that al

Dragoon shared a forum thread
May 28, 15 1:30pm

With Heavensward now under a month away, a lot of information has been released about the three new job classes; Dark Knight

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