May 22, 15 12:05am
I keep listening to the Heavensward theme song. SO GOOD. COME ON JUNE 23 http://bit.ly/1Empbgz
Dragoon shared a forum thread
May 20, 15 6:21am

] (Title may be considered blasphemous) Filming is currently undergoing for the new series and come photos have emerged

May 20, 15 6:08am
Did you pick up a copy of The Witcher 3 yesterday? Come and be part of our fantastic community! http://neo.ly/1bpFoug TheWitcher3WildHunt PS4
May 09, 15 11:37am
Find out which familiar faces are returning for Series 9! http://neo.ly/1cijquh Doctor Who Series 9
Dragoon shared a forum thread
May 09, 15 11:24am

_BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD_ --Spoiler-- --Quote-- Cruel, heartless and shocking? Having being killed by Missy (Michell

Apr 18, 15 10:41am
A ton of Star Wars: Battlefront info dropped over the last few days, including the official release date! http://neo.ly/1oO4dkw StarWarsBattlefront PS4
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Apr 07, 15 10:37am

Fan favourite Gatiss, who is often looked to when discussing people to take over when Moffat does leave Who, has finally comm

Dragoon shared a forum thread
Apr 02, 15 3:22pm

Source It looks as if Capaldi is yet again changing his attire for Series 9 albeit only slightly. His updated look feature

Mar 30, 15 1:35pm
Want to test your creative flair? The Doctor Who forum needs a new look http://neo.ly/1CCyFIn
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Mar 30, 15 1:34pm

With the completion of Series 8 last year, the 10th anniversary of the revival of Doctor Who and the anticipation of Series 9

Mar 30, 15 1:29pm
Maisie Williams joins the cast of Doctor Who in Series 9! http://neo.ly/1CCvDnC Doctor Who Series 9
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Mar 30, 15 1:27pm

http://i.imgur.com/uGslK7P.png Two more episode names have been revealed for Series 9 of Doctor Who and looks to be the se

Dragoon shared a forum thread
Mar 30, 15 1:20pm

http://i.imgur.com/ztWpTOL.png Today Doctor Who announced via twitter the exciting announcement that Maisie Williams (Arya

Mar 28, 15 6:02pm
Manage to pick up Bloodborne recently? Then take part in our forums! http://neo.ly/1HUJEQB
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Mar 28, 15 5:06pm

If you want something seen in the forum, here is the place to talk about it!

Mar 26, 15 9:33am
Happy 10th Anniversary, NuWho http://neo.ly/1BNMbE3 Doctor Who
Dragoon shared a forum thread
Mar 26, 15 9:32am

Today is March 26, 2015 which means it is exactly 10 years since Doctor Who returned to our screens on BBC1 on March 26, 2005

Mar 20, 15 7:41am
Im surprised it's March and still no new Pokemon game announcement
Mar 08, 15 1:15pm
Did you miss out on all the FFXIV news from PAX East? Fear not, we have you covered! http://neo.ly/1EYGc5b FinalFantasyXIVARealmReborn PS4
Mar 07, 15 2:07pm
The struggle http://bit.ly/1FpKmB1

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