Source --Quote-- BBC Worldwide is delighted to announce that the first episode of Doctor Who Series 8 – Peter Capald

Where else in the game would you like to appear on the full retail version of the game? We've already explored (to death)

The music for this game in the beta is incredible Destiny PS4 Look how pretty it is! My new quest for the rest of the beta is to go in search of this maj

So, I have some questions about the game's story following the beta. Destiny PS4

If we assume that the story parts of the Beta are from the beginnings of the actual game, there are a few story hints and que

Dunno if everyone knew but Bungie finished their maintenance early so Xbox players can get access to the beta as soon as poss Yeah, hit with one of those and everything dies. It looks like a far mo

Also only 3 away from 100 Crucible Marks! \o/
Got to Rank 1 on the Crucible, and still can't get any Crucible gear. :((( Destiny PS4
If you're enjoying the beta as much as I am, come and tell us about it! Destiny PS4
Beta warlock level 8

:( Iron Banner, for those that don't know, was a multiplayer event on the beta July 19 at 2pm PDT. which made it 10pm

So how long have you spent in the Beta so far? In total I've managed to clock in, currently, 14 hours, 53 minutes and

Although there were reported to be 4 online maps, one which was on mars, but so far only played Moon and Venus.
The online for Destiny is a lot more fun than I thought!

Thought it would be an interesting idea to share what our Guardian's are wearing, the equipment you have for it and such

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