Hey. I am dumb and don't have a diving suit. And i need the egg you get from diving. Please help a brother out haha.

Hey, quick question. Have you guys encountered people who make it so you can't reach their flag in their secret base u

Im looking for a timid latias with defog. Preferably with HP fire as well. I know this is specific so if anyone has one with

Hey, im looking for a HA bagon, preferably jolly and preferably 5 IV. I can trade maybe bp item or i have some 5 IV's if

Hey, I have an urgent need for the following 2 pokes Jolly 5IV flawless Kangaskhan, Kalos Born with scrappy Jolly 5 IV flaw

Hey, I'm looking for a 5 IV (minus speed) Huge (or whatever the biggest is) pumpkaboor or gourgiest that is sassy with fr

Hey, im looking for the cubone and marowak specific item called thick club. Ill trade a bp item or two for it if someone has

Hey, im looking for a shiny Kalow born naive bagon/salamence with egg moves and 6 IV. Heres what i have to offer (both) S

Hey, im looking for a legit 5 IV flawless modest zapdos. I have the following i can trade for it Shiny landorus 6 IV ad

I have two shiny legends up for trade 6 IV shiny zapdos 6 IV shiny landorus both adamant. I dont really want much f

Hey, i was breeding some snorunts and during the process got a shiny one randomly. It's timid, female, and 31/ x / 31

Looking for a non shiny non hacked 5 IV timid latias. WIll do 2 for 1 for it I have Shiny 6 IV vulpix Shiny 5 IV aeroda

Hey, I can offer the following for a non shiny non hacked english 5 IV latias Shiny 4 IV typhlosion Shiny 6 IV vulpix

I have a 6 IV ENG Timid Rayquaza. I'm looking for a shiny aerodactyl or slowpoke, or something good. Just offer

I have a few 5 and 6 IV pokes i need cloned. I'm looking for a trusted cloner that can offer some collateral. Thanks

Hey, i literally just caught a shiny vanillite in a horde battle like 5 minutes ago. Its modest nature and i calculated it to

Hey, im looking for a 5 IV flawless magikarp or gyarados. Adamant Nature. Offering a shiny 6 IV timid english raquaza.

Hey, I have a 6 IV Shiny english timid rayquaza. I'm looking for a non hacked non shiny 5 IV timid mewtwo and a non hacke

Hey, I have a shiny 6 IV timid english rayquaza. I'm looking for the following Shiny Kalos born for all of them 5 IV

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