Hey! I know you! Anyway, if you get Overlord, we should play together. I'll see you later, yo! PEACE!

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^^^I hate when that happens >.<
I saw you were a fan of S.L.A.I.! I couldn't find a fan online right now, you were the only one! It's nice to see somebody who likes that game for once. And somebody who likes dragons, dragons rule!
Hey Marie, just wanted to stamp you for being such an awesome friend, you've quickly become one of my favourite people on Neo, especially from the HP thread! lol made a stamp for you, and as you can see, it took me a while so you'd better appreciate it!

Ciao Babe

Just thought I would sign your guestbook. You seem like a nice guy, and its nice getting to know you.

I am all better now. Even my parents think so. So I would like to stop by and say thanks, for helping me.
I thought I'd sign your guestbook, seeing as we've been in so many RPs together. You're just cool!

Can we be close neofriends?

Catch ya later!

Heylo! (Hey+Hello )

Happy Halloween DC!

I'm giving stamps to everyone on my neofriends list, and it's your turn

Hi DC! how are you? I hope alls well! Yay i finally got my stamp, i hope you enjoy it! Have fun! Bye!

I'm doing random signings so ppl will sign back, my guestbook is empty...

I dunno why but I feel like stamping people lately. And you are a good person who hasn't been stamped in a while, so....


Hope to see you in the RP forums soon!

hey hows you, thought id finally sign your gb sign back
Hey DC, thought I'd stop by and give you a nice stamp.

Cya 'round the forums.

Been gettin to know you more so heres my lovely stamp for Erin ...uh i mean Dragons Call.....hehe

hey D C, just wnted to drop in and say hi... I made this new stamp a while ago, bu I forgot to give it to you... anyways, better late than never... (I suppose) so here it is:

Hey, we've conversed many a time so i thought i would sign this ere book of yours. if u have the time please please please return the favour, cus so far nobody's signed mine (he says holding back the tears) j/k
We've rubbed shoulders so often I just thought it would be a nice thing to sign you're book! and perhaps do you a fav. and overlap that ugly stamp... JK although it is unsightly^_^

Now try to tell me that that isn't a really good Garfield from his THIRD book ty very buch:coolcat:oh and its enlarged so its not quite as good but still funny lol:laugh:

sign back!

..now get back to work on the portal! (jk)
Merry nearly christmas, and a happy new year...

Stamped by the nearly orignal Sotg

How could you NOT find the mushrooms XD
*ignores own KH bloopers*

Love, Melody

nice game on febw. hope to play you again. sign back.

-The Dragon Highlord
I'd thought i'd sign your Guestbook because your in most of the same RP's as me, anyway see you around and dont forget to sign back.
i thought id stop by and sign ur gb cus i was bored lol... ive seen you around the fable forums... happy posting!

well cya,

Heys, haven't signed your guestbook yet, so here's my official stamp. 1 of 7 for the collectors out there

Ooohh...a guestbook! I shall sign it!
Let's try that again.

Aha! Shiny...^^
...Yeah, I was bored. -.-
I decided to sign your guestbook so here`s the stamp..