Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

You've been stamped by the FE 7 Tacticians of DOOM and various FE 6 characters who were bored!
Yozells DL! Due to random signing, I shall not say much.

See you around, fellow tormentor of EtS.
Yeah, sure, it's all fun and games for you people with stamps. But us guys who have to actually think of something to say, we've got it rough. It's not easy stretching "You are being signed" into however many characters. And people get annoyed when it's something completely moronic. So I can't just do something stupid. I have to think. And try and write something meaningful. I bet you don't care. I bet you're not even reading this. You're just thinking, "Oh, this guy has no stamp. What a loser. I'm not even going to bother reading this, because it's probably just a waste of time."

I am not amused.

Yeah... uhm... victory is mine!
Or... at least... it should be. x(

Sicne your a douche I present you with this cool stamp enjoy
I'm sorry for everything Ive done.

To make it up....

You got stamped!
Which is when you read this.
well i miss ya in the hurt and heal thread... and thanks a bunch for everything, with my homepage too! Enjoy!

well, you may not like Hector, and you may have all but completely obliterated him, but that won't stop me from signing your guestbook. or maybe it will? who knows!

I don't know if we are neofriends or not...
But we heal Canas together. Go team Canas!
Well, do you want to be neofriends?

haha...thats pretty funny - well here I am... uh... well I guess i'll just sign this thing and get out of here

P.M. me if you want to talk... I'll be looking foward to it... catch you later
Your powers are so unawsome that I decided to just sign the book instead of bowing down to them. Well, sign me back and see ya around the forums.
I think you deserve a stamp. See you around I.E, never see you in other parts.. xD

Yeah! Summer Vacation's here! Woohoo! No more school! No more school!

Hey DL. Haven't signed you in ages, but you're pretty cool ( fellow riviera fan. )

Enjoy the hawtness

I'm signing your guestbook...cause your sig told me to. Well, heres something to veggy up your day.


You've been randomly bitten by me, becasue i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

wow ur a popular dude...well im adding to ur collection of randomness...erm you also seem to know alot! ur the ALL POWERFULL ALL KNOWING MASTER OF....peanuts!
FUTERAMA RULES!!! so live with it!
Hey DL, no joke here, just a friendly gbook signing ^__^

Have fun ^__^


Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry for the (sadly) impersonalized message, school is taking away too much of my time. >_> Anyways, I hope you like the stamp.

Don’t you love to see them together? XD See you around the forums!
So you're Michael? oO Never knew... xD

Have a lovely Valentine's Day Michael ^-^
Guess who's back?.... Back again.... Kilik's back..... Tell a friend!

Dear Dragonlord999,

The Best Memento

I have no requests,
If only you could sincerely accept,
That faithful and warm memory forever engraved in my heart.
That ethereal dream,
Is always so gloomy,
So I will use the melody of music to bless you.
Always represent my pains with that familiar sound,
Always heal that wound with tears,
That deep memory which brings us together,
Is the best memento I could ever wish for.

Sometimes they evade us, yet sometimes we try to evade them. Decisions are things in our lives that are mostly unavoidable. We have to be responsible for our lives. In an existentialist's point of view, every single decision that we make will affect our lives greatly, and that us humans are free to make any decisions we choose. In religious point of views, the decisions we make are still important but are part of a grander pictures, designated by a divine being such as God. Whichever path that we choose, the idea behind decision making is the same. Our thoughts are pured into it, and our souls are poured into it. There are so much decisions to make in life. Each one of them is geometrical, leading to even more branching paths of decisions. What we are is ultimately decided by each individual decision that we make. So we must tread carefully, and avoid traps in decision making.

[This is a message by my nice mistress Bluey and master Lugia] (If you have difficulty understanding it please blame those two) xD
Signed by
Swordmaster_2000 (the loyal slavey) ^^

If I didnt owe her I would have ignored this part.
Anyways you know who I am *hint: you're my literacy idol*, so that grants you a stamp ^-^

The usual stamp >.>


Blue Star