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Jan 05, 12 7:18pm

One Day I Will Be A Winner Is Me

Odd references aside, let's ramble on about pointless things no one cares about. Except me obviously. You know that thing you get where someone annoys you so much you just want to hit them but due to self-control (or someone physically dragging you away if applicable) you don't and you leave them and ignore it for later? Well, congratulations to bronze0800 for being a big enough ponce yesterday to incite that reaction from me! That, er, that's the first one, not the being physically assaulted to stop a battery one.

You'd think the stuff he was saying would be ignorable, and they would normally be... if he could spell three letter words correctly (he can't, trust me). The sheer audacity of telling me how I absolutely, definitely, no questions asked, will look because of my sexuality was complete bullshit. And his quote-unquote "evidence" of this was something we refer to as the Westermarck Effect which gives him an unfair bias in the much the same way that I have one (I freely admit that I do, because I'm not completely stupid. Only mostly). I like to think, however, that I'm slightly more inclined to know the appearance of my friends and I somewhat better than a random moron who I'm hopefully never going to have to deal with again.

...Of course, if he could spell properly (he can't) and had ever checked my post history (something which I'm aware isn't overly easy or for the most part even possible for some bizarre reason) he'd probably have been infinitely less agitating. In fact, after checking Mr. Bronze's actual profile it turns out he lives in the UK which makes the inability to spell either more unfathomable or our schools have somehow gotten even worse since I left. Either way, it's quite impressive really.

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bronze0800 Jan 5, 12
glad to see you like my handy work
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Ryan Jan 1, 13
I love rathy's blogs