Hey DS, it's been a while, just thought I should sign ur GB sinece X-mas is near.

Have a Good one:)...........................
Hey just knew you are in Neoseeker and decided to give you a sign Sorry but no picture this time
just a joke, here:
Something Classic:
Hey, not around alot but whos online 24\7
I was just passing by and thought i should sign ur guestbook, ur a awsome guy thanks for sticking around see ya

One more thing, thought u might like to see this.

Thanks ever so much for the smiley DragonSLAYER45. I love it.

Thanks again, cheers!
Thanks for signing my GB, so I'll sign yours too.

Here's a stamp:

HI, Dragon SLAYER45. Thanks for the guestbook signing. Here's a stamp:

Hope to see you around.

~Fairy Girl~
long time no see and happy new year and im now 9 years old and thanks for signing my guestbook AND I FINALLY GOT A WII WOOHOO ok now bye see you later
Hey thanks for signing the guestbook, Dragon. I returning the favor by signing yours. Thanks DragonSLAYER for the sign.

I'm fine thank you, how are you?

yea nice to see that people here notice me (:

thx for signing my questbook, so I thought I'd do the same thing for you (:

Hey Dragon. Since were Neo pals I just wanted to sign your Guestbook. I am the 1st one to sign too. I just wanted to say Hi and I'll see you around the Lounge!