Just decided to sign here. It has been fun playing those Fire Emblem RPGs with you, and I hope that the fun will continue to the future.
Hah, well I guess I should sign a friends Guestbook. See you later S.F

And remember, Lethe Bad, Mia Good.
Eou signed mine, I signed yours. Enjoy.

(Thank Kat for just telling me about it. I don't usually check my Guestbook)

Sup new buddy. You added me, so I sing your book. Hope you like the Picture contest Vhall and I are having cuz you sure look like you're good at modifying pictures!!!
well just doing some random stamps for some friends
I want to go on a signing spree and your first on my hit list!
Hey, thanks for signing... don't really know what to put here, so.....

Lethe! Lethe! Lethe!

heyup! well, I guess you heard from Erk that im off 2 France eh? Well, sorry I cant join the Forum Warfare thread. It seems so cool this time. Oh well, maybe next month. Anyways, here is a stampage:

bye for now dude!

peace out!

There. First official Leroy signing.
I don't know how to do fancy stuff with photoshop, so I'll just use my siggy.

Credit goes to Soldier. Great work. Auch, ich spriche gern Deutsch.
Im signing again...accept it!


Right back atcha LoL gooday

hey thanks for signing, just returning the favor!!! talk to ya later!! check this sprite out..........
Thanks for the signing heres one for you.

And just because im having a batman faze lmao
You sign mine, I sign yours. That's how the world works. Sorry I don't have a stamp, so uh, have this:


Peace out,
Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Hey dude! Thanks for making that awesome game in the Fire Emblem 9 thread. It needs some spicing up. Oh and thanks for hurting Lethe! Yay! ^^ Anyways you seem like a cool person and you deserve a Signin'!

C ya around the forum!