Fluidity Dragon
Dec 1, 07 12:56am
Y helo thar! I wud leik 2 send a SECKSHIN APLIKASHIN 2 the mod giver but i dun no how. halp me plx. kthx.

For your enjoyment, because you know avatar sex turns you on:

Much <3,
Kinetic Dragon
Nov 25, 07 8:50pm
Hey there, just thought I would show off my new stamp. Yes, it does have my new name on it even though it hasn't been switched yet.

Megan Fox. The new meaning of sexy.
DeadAssassin Dragon
Nov 22, 07 6:06pm
which should be my stamp? sign my GB with a reply (1, 2, or 3)
and a stamp from you
Old Man Zangetsu Dragon
Nov 6, 07 5:37am
Yeah Lethe is HOT. Sorry I dont have a cool pic on me at the moment for Lethe. Rest assured I'll get one and sign again with it XD

Anyway thanks for signing my guestbook.

Well guess thats all for now. Keep an eye out for the pic! It'll be good.

Also you're a good mod so dont think about ever quiting XD We need you in that forum!

Later, OMZ
Liliana Dragon
Oct 27, 07 3:39pm

Pretty good eh. My first stamp ever

I wanted to make it smaller but couldn't sorry so much sorry sorry sorry.
Crystal Creation Dragon
Oct 13, 07 10:53pm
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Stitch Dragon
Sep 11, 07 11:19pm
Hey Dragon, thanks for signing my Guestbook.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day!
Crystal Creation Dragon
Sep 6, 07 11:41pm
...Wow, it's so goddamn attractive!

Great Choice with it. It's awesome. Although I will miss calling you Swift! I guess you shall now be called Drag! xD

Until Later, Dragonman!

Cute Chao Dragon
Jul 25, 07 10:12am
My new saying ^^ Anyway, I know I'm probably not meant to sign again so soon but I recently made a new stamp with fe characters on! Plus I can use you becoming a mod recently as an excuse so CONGRATULATIONS! Have a stamp - the first one I ever made by myself.

Seeya soon,

lotsa luv,

Cute Chao

Sakura Dragon
Jul 19, 07 1:34am
Congrats dude! You're amazing and awesome, and absolutely fab-u-lous! =D

RAWR! Thanks for the signing...robot. >=3

Much Love,
Lindsey LuLu
Fluidity Dragon
Jul 18, 07 8:54pm
I was waiting to sign back, just to let you know. I was hoping you'd be accepted and you were, so the signing can include a sign-back and a congratulatory signing, but most of all a congratulatory signing!


But seriously, welcome to the crew. Hope you enjoy being a mod because you totally deserve it ^^. Oh, and sorry about not having a stamp. I'm not at home, so the computer is like, weird.
Crystal Creation Dragon
Jul 18, 07 6:24pm
Hey there, Swift Finch!
You're a cool guy, and Informative, and very VERY mature!
You're cool to chat to, too!
So, in recognition of this...
Your Guestbook is about to be Signed.
Have fun with whatever you do:

Also, Congratulations on your new Moderator Position in The:
Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn Forum!
I'm sure it was the right choice for Everybody!

Cute Chao Dragon
Jul 17, 07 10:40pm
Thanks for all your help with the fire emblem games. Much appreciated In return, all I can give you is a chao stamp but meh,. one day I'll try to make a special stamp thing or something ... except I'm rubbish with art

Hope to see you around and speak to you more,

Lotsa luv,

Cute Chao

Lavender Blush Dragon
Jul 11, 07 11:13pm
Hey Swift Finch! I just wanted to thank you for helping me in my time of need. You have been a big help to me! Thanks again!

Chrissy <3
Neo Jte Dragon
Jul 3, 07 2:54am
Swift Finch you are a great friend, and eh... my fourth. Have you considered owning a Wii? It's very fun. You should try it sometime.
Chekkaa Dragon
Jun 20, 07 11:54am
Hey, thanks for being a great Neoseeker member. And guess what else, you're the fourth person I've ever signed. You rock! See ya around!
duker nuker Dragon
Jun 19, 07 9:57am
So...see you around some place on Neo, have a good summer.
Liliana Dragon
Jun 8, 07 10:26pm
[img]C:\Documents and Settings\User1\Desktop\LucasandDawn[1].png[/img]

life doing you good buddy

have a good summer and see ya later

ehhehehe sorry if the pic don't work
Sakura Dragon
Jun 8, 07 4:18pm
You're really fun to talk to, so I decided to attack your guestbook! I hope to see you around more, as you are mega awesome.

<3 Lindsey
Kilik 64 Dragon
Jun 5, 07 6:28am
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

AdamHill Dragon
May 28, 07 3:14am
hey, Swift. I just wanted to sign your guestbook as a way of saying thanks for the new avatar.

yes, I'm using my banner as my GB stamp. is that legal? either way, I hope you like it!
Liliana Dragon
May 16, 07 9:39pm
hi you helped me out very much and i thanks you for that

you were one of the first friends on this site i have ever had

thanks for everything
Fe78910Rawsum Dragon
May 13, 07 11:52pm
You signed mine. Here's a quick little thing...

Your pal, Fe.
Cool Blue Dragon
May 13, 07 7:52pm

Yay! Honchkrow!
tornjinx Dragon
May 13, 07 3:36am
Hey man, thanks for the GB signing, and that was an awesome stamp, litaraly, great stamp, but ya, i thought i would sign my new friends GB back.