Fluidity Dragon
Dec 21, 13 10:35pm
Dragon blogged
May 30, 11 7:18pm

Behold, my first and probably only blog post. But this is an issue I feel really needs to be addressed, and it isn't something I see discussed often.

Why should I have to put punctuation within quotes? Say I want to write the following:
When on the subject of Dragon's blog, John described it using the word "abysmal."
"Correct" English grammar states the period at the end of the sentence needs to be within the quotation marks. But I say, why? Sure, maybe it looks more aesthetically-pleasing, but there is absolutely nothing to suggest that John's original quote ended with the word abysmal. The quotes really denote an entirely different sentence within another, and the period pertains to the original sentence shell, NOT the quoted inner core. I find this utterly ridiculous, and every time I look at this crap it makes me think how incorrect and stupid it makes it look.

To quote Winston Churchill, "this is a rule up with which we should not put".

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