Dragon Warrior1
Nov 28, 10 6:42pm
Don't forget me
Dragon Warrior1
Nov 11, 09 11:43pm
No worries :)
Dragon Warrior1
Nov 9, 09 3:07am
i never quit, i just left and never came back
Dragon Warrior1
Jul 30, 09 7:07pm
Someone you can never forget.
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Mar 29, 09 9:01pm

Alrighty, so um, yeah. Last Night, the KCA 2009 came on, and like 5 hours or so before it came on, I went and saw "Race to Witch Mountain." Let's start with the movie.

It was a good movie in my oppinion, the action started off literally 5 minutes into the movie, it was very fast paces and very action-y. It had its sentimental/romantic scenes thrown in late in the movie(which I applaud, by the way) and a very touching and funny ending. If you go see a movie some time soon, go see this one, or mall cop(the movie I was origionally going to go see, but Race was a martinet, so you gotta love the bargains.)

As for the KCA's, It was ok of a preformance, not better than last year, but not worse either. Dwane "The Rock" Jhonson, I think, is one of the best hosts since Jack Black, as far as Im concerned, but I doubt he will be hosting next year. Who knows? Right off the bat they stated the whole "beating the slime record" thing, and it was a slime volcano pyramid that was "active" but they needed "the key" to make it blow. And the volcano/pyramid thing was the stage of the whole KCa, so that was cool.

There was a part where Shia LeBoeuf and Megan Fox came out to announce an award and I could have swore that they cut a little bit out, where Shia was saying something, and then it cut to like a few second slater with him saying "What did you say?" or something along those lines. It makes you think...what did Megan Fox say?! At first, I was thinking that mabey it was something simple like "crap" or something like that, but later in the show, Jack Black came on and said crap, and it wasn't cut. Strange...Megan must have done something bad, or 'twas a glitch. Either way, that made me interested on what was going to happen.

Will Ferrell was to be the one to beat a slime record of his own this year, going down a 200ft slip and slide coated in slime down to a large pool of slime, in a wet suit he said was made of "hungarien walrus hair" or something along those lines. Very comical :) I was deeply appauled, however, to see that "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" won best movie out of the other three nominees: Bedtime Stories, Batman: the Dark Knight--Wait, hold on just a moment, I want to focus on this for a little bit. High School Musical out-won The dark knight!? THE DARK KNIGHT?!!? complete bull....As for the last nominee, i don't give a crap about what it was, since it wasn't that important to me if I don't remember what it was.

Ugh, Jonas Brothers...they preformed the second music act, won an award for best musical group, and they were the ones with the 'key' to the pyramid of slime. I hate those kids....oh wait, they aren't even kids, or atleast, two of 'em aren't. Like, seriously, the oldest one is the stupidest looking one. He is like 21-23, somewhere in that range, and he looks like he is like 17. The other two are in their teens, although the 17 year old looks like he is a 19 or 20 year old, and the youngest one, Nick, is 16 and looks like a freaking 12-14 year old! What has disney done to rock? They killed it. :(

Pussycat dolls performed the first musical act...they are too racy for the KIDS Choice Awards...now nick is selling sex to children...South Park may have been right about disney, but they forgot nickelodeon. Another problem I had was the annual burp off. Apparently, the burp off was between cartoon characters, instead of real celebrities. completley f'ed up.

Well, thats all, I guess.

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Mar 22, 09 12:27am

Hey there, readers(whether you be human, animal, or whatever else you could be :P ) Do you know about the Feature Roleplaying forum?! Well, If you've ever seen my signature, I have a link there that leads to the FRP forum rules, so you might not have known what FRP was....well...now you know!

anyways, whoever you are, you should go check it out! you might like what you see, and you might even get to join a roleplay...mabey even one of mine! *wink wink*

Now that the blatant advertising of the neoseeker forum, how would you all like to enjoy some music? Yeah, that's what im talking about! MUSIC! However, it is surprise music, music on the playlist is music I listen to...quite often, acctually. And you might like what you see too! there is like 60+ songs on the playlist, so don't be shirked away by the first 10 songs or so. lots more to go. There is both english and Japanese music, although there is way more english than japanese.


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Dragon Warrior1
Feb 20, 09 1:29am
great game! RogueGalaxy
Dragon Warrior1 blogged
Jan 17, 09 5:30pm

Yesterday was probobly one of the best days and nights ever. Atleast for me. I went to my friends sweet sixteen party, which was semi-formal by the way(which means i had to dress nice and wear sneakers, or something like that)) and I got to dance along with my friends, have fun, and be social. Now, you probobly don't know me well enough, but in the real life, I am a total unsocial and non dancy person, so this is some kind of breakthrough, or something.

Now i get a three day weekend cause of monday being a day for some important person that I seem to have forgotten the name of. Time to relax today after all of that "partyin' hardyin'". Oh, Brittni loved the root rum, so everything was a success, even if there was a bit of drama here and there at the party. Atleast I wasn't involved in any of that drama...well, not fully involved, unless you count drama as me trying to court this girl i met at the party named Emily, hahahaha. That's all for now.

Dragon Warrior1 blogged
Jan 16, 09 4:20am

Well, today was fun! One of my friends had yet another mental breakdown, and I had to take about 3 quizzes today. Eh, its alright though. I need to get some work done in my science, as im currently failing. Good thing my science grade is probobly the easiest to fix out of my other grades.

You are probobly wondering about the whole "root rum" thing. Well, its an inside joke between me and a friend named Brittni(yes, her name is spelled that way.) that started way way back in the day of late september. I was talking to her and said "Hey, you know what sounds good right now? Root Beer!" and she agreed, and root beer has been our thing ever since. then for Halloween I dressed up as a pirate and brought root beer into school, and me being a pirate, I called it "Root Rum" ! great idea, right? Well, she thought it was hilarious, so its now both an inside joke and a tasty beverage! Hmm...I just had some root rum too. Her b-day party is tomorrow and I got her some root rum! lol. Don't worry though, she already knows that she is getting it, and she loves the idea.

Now as for the gaiaonline aspect, today, along with the root rum, I bought some gaia cash today for my avatar on gaiaonline! The name of my account is Epitaph Fox, if you want to check it out!(the space is included.) and the picture for this blog is the picture of my current avatar. Nooby, i know. but ah well. Right now im trying to save up enough gaia gold for inari's beads though, and its getting hatrder and harder as the days go by, it seems.

Well, thats just about it for now. You'll see more of me tomorrow!(unless you participate in the many rp's im in.)

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Jan 15, 09 4:23am

Catchy title? I think so. I got to thinking of that title earlier today when playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, for the XBox 360. I was riding my horse and jumping over stuff cause I was bored, and before jumping around on my horse I was pickpocketing people for their loot, but you know people in Oblivion, never having enough gold until after you kill them. Ah well, its only a game, so what are you to do? I guess I'll put in a bit of a new story im thinking of writing. And guess what-- It's based on my Oblivion character! Haha. You won't see these bits of the story alot, but when i want to put them in, they are gonna be in, and you can either read them or not, it's completley up to you :P

Yet another day goes by as the sun rises and then sets hours later as I remain here, stuck in this prison staring out of the empty space as it is for now the only source of light that I have, besides those toches the gaurds carry as they walk to and fro, past my cell as they are on their patrol. I grow more and more dizzy as the days go by, my lack of water is killing me, even though the argonian race has evovled to the point where we don't need water to survive, we still have our flaws. My vision blurs as I see the last glimpse of sunlight as it passes out of view of my little 'window' and night fall finally arises. And now I shall sleep, until awoken...or not.

I awake...but am I lucky, or foolish? That noise...its people whispering, and the noise of their voices is getting louder! Someone is comming by, but these voices are different that what I've heard before, the gaurds never speak down here unless it is to yell as the prisoners...and here they are. Two oddly armoured gaurds and...Ah! The emporer!

"Hey! why is this cell occupied? Ah, never mind that...Prisoner, stand by the window and don't move, or I will be forced to slay you where you move to."

The gaurds mess around with one of the walls until the gaurd who did not speak to me yet presses in one of the stones, and a secret passageway emerges, and the gaurds guide the emporer down through the tunnel, while a gaurd yells back to me.

"Today is your lucky day, prisoner. Today, you are free if you follow this path, but follow our movements and you shall die on your faithful day!" But really, only one thought came to mind--I can get water if I follow this tunnel.

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Dragon Warrior1
Sep 14, 08 2:07am
Excellent! Truly leaving us off with a cliff hanger. HackGUVol2Reminisce
Dragon Warrior1
Sep 14, 08 2:07am
Amazing finish. Left me with a few tears. HackGUVol3Redemption
Dragon Warrior1
Sep 14, 08 2:07am
Great way to start off a trilogy... HackGUVol1Rebirth
Dragon Warrior1
Sep 14, 08 2:06am
Excellent storyline. DragonQuest8JourneyOfTheCursedKing
Dragon Warrior1
Sep 14, 08 2:06am
Great time waster TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker
Dragon Warrior1
Sep 14, 08 2:06am
umm... GoldenSunTheLostAge


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