I found out about Neoseeker through a half cousin. I came on first to get help for a game called Tokyo Xtreme Racer: ZERO for the PS2, and I soon signed up under this account. At first, I tried the username Dragon King, but since it was taken, I added 4 7's for no reason. Once I was registered, I never really posted, and I even left Neo for a bit because I found it boring. Then, I came back in May of 2005. I started figuring out that there were a lot more forums than the one I first visited. In a few months, I found my.neoforum and a bunch of other features, and I started making more and more neofriends as well. After that, I've been hooked. I don't post all that often, but I always come on just to talk with friends and see what's going on in all the forums. That basically brings me up to today. I love Neoseeker, and I'm happy I got to meet so many great people.


I like cars, video games, sports, hanging out with my friends, and a ton of other stuff.


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