Quetzalcoatl Dragon Warrior1
Mar 13, 11 12:55am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Jesivis Dragon Warrior1
Dec 21, 10 7:37am
To Kevin, my NeoBro from back in the day,

Oh Kevin.. Where should I begin? Sounds like the first place we really started to connect, for me, would have been the Harvest Moon roleplay thread. There were so many great times there and in that forum in particular. I'm really glad though that you've shown your support for me through the times and through my promotion to a moderator.

I'm mostly happy we still talk to be honest. MCO and Ashleigh are basically gone. Rox comes on every-so-often, but I see you on more than all of them. We need to keep up with a chat more often as well. I miss my NeoBro to be true.

So I thought I would make you a cool stamp for the holidays! Have a great one and much luck for the new year!

Be safe with lots of love,
Taz124 Dragon Warrior1
Aug 1, 09 9:34pm
I have made a new neohome!!! I'm sooo exited go check it out and tell me what ya think about it!

Have a good one Dragon Warrior1!!

**Waves bye**
Anomaly Dragon Warrior1
Jun 5, 09 11:41pm
Sad, I almost spelt Happy wrong in the title. xD

Anyways, the past few years were cool, man, and I gotta stop by to leave ya a Happy Birthday. From your food loving friend, here's somethign to always remember me by; a nice helping of FOOD!

Now get out there and have a party, dude.

Mr Charmed One
ghost15 Dragon Warrior1
May 18, 09 1:00am
Hey man...Long time no see... Send me a message sometime. I'd love to hear from you. It's been so long since we were discussing plots for Crystal Hearts. Then those lifeless flamers got my thread fragged......Anyways I'd love to hear from you again man. I miss talking to you.

Ghost Man Out.
Xana Rose Dragon Warrior1
Dec 24, 08 6:56pm
Merry Christmas DW1!!! Hope you have a good one.
And thanks for joining my Hen'itai rp.

Harvest Life Dragon Warrior1
Aug 21, 08 5:12pm
I just like to sing guestbooks. Why, I have no idea. Anyway I saw your fan art for Harvest Moon and It is a lot better than the way I draw but then again that is not saying much because a chipmunk can draw better than me. Well that is all!

The Funny Quote of the day is:
Wether the glass is half full or half empty the thing that really matters is WHO DRANK ALL OF MY SODA!!
Marooned Chic Dragon Warrior1
Jun 26, 08 5:12am

Hello Friend!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.
InuFreak Dragon Warrior1
Jun 8, 08 4:55am
Hey Kev! Sorry I haven't spoken to you in...ages. =/ Things have been rather busy for me lately...And not alot of great, happy things are happening to me outside of Neo..

But anyways, I've come to stamp your guestbook cause I haven't in a while! ^^

Howl Says: "Friendship is the greatest Magic of all, don't let it die. Love is the greatest Remedy for any curse and pain given to another and yourself. Use it wisely."

Kevin, you've been granted two wonderful abilities. The first is to make friends that last a lifetime and to help them when they are in need, and who will help you when you are in need.

The second is the ability to heal any wound that was placed onto you or a friend. Use it to heal those you love and care for.

See you around, and use your abilites wisely, Kevin. And never forget: I will always be your friend. No matter what.


Anomaly Dragon Warrior1
Jun 5, 08 11:13pm
So you've turned 15, eh? Another year in the life of a Random Fox. Here's a gift to remember this special day by. Hope you like it.

Have a great B-Day with lots of gifts and food. Of course I had to include food.

lol, See ya 'round.

Pedro Halliwell
punk_anime_girl Dragon Warrior1
May 11, 08 8:05am
Hi! It's been a while since we talked, huh?
Anyway, just dropping by to sign.
Sorry if my stamp is way ugly. Lolx.

Hope we can be better friends! XD
Midnight Blue Dragon Warrior1
Apr 27, 08 3:51pm
Hey! I'm on a signing spree and your in my neo-family so I couldn't just miss you now could I! Hope we can talk again soon - it's been a while! Enjoy your stamp <=D

*~* Roxy *~*
SkeithReturns Dragon Warrior1
Apr 20, 08 10:34pm
I know you probably just see me as someone you RP with, but you've been kinda my only friend here at Neo. I hope that, even after the RP is dead or finished, that we can continue to stay in touch or whatever whatever.

Seriously though, we should keep a chain of RPs going after .hack//DESTINY, considering not a lot of people are in it, it's still fun to keep RPing it.

So, just dropping by to tell you how I feel. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Keep in touch, -Skeith.

Country Girl Dragon Warrior1
Mar 24, 08 4:50pm
Wishing you a very happy Easter this year!

From your neo-wife.

Country Girl Dragon Warrior1
Feb 24, 08 7:50pm

I'm going on a stamping spree... because I can. Hope you're well and that you have a terrific day!

Best wishes from your neo-wife, Ashleigh!

Jesivis Dragon Warrior1
Feb 22, 08 10:44pm
I noticed you signed my GB so I just wanted to make sure and sign you back. I had actually been set on changing my Neoname for awhile now and as I can see that you could have gone without the "The" in the name for me it just looked better and sounded better with it in the name. But I'm glad you like the rest, keep having a nice time. I'm glad were Neo-related, even though we don't talk much which we really should more often. Continue being a great person and friend, laterz.

From your relative,
Fluidity Dragon Warrior1
Feb 22, 08 3:12am
Thanks for the signing. Just thought I'd stop by and return the favor. Glad to hear from you, and to see you're still hanging around. Sorry I'm a bit late, but hey, it's better than not returning the favor at all, right?


Hope To See Ya Later, (:
Mouschi Chan Dragon Warrior1
Feb 20, 08 1:33am
heh yeah it was in the feature-roleplaying.
Well I had an old stamp of .hack haven't used it in forever your only the 2nd one to have it...Lucky!!!

Anomaly Dragon Warrior1
Feb 19, 08 9:13pm
Hey, thanks for signing my GB. Now I'll sign yours back with a stamp I know you'll like!

Pedro Halliwell
sMARTsIMs CO Dragon Warrior1
Feb 11, 08 12:16am
Congratulations on winning the Killer vs. Villiagers game! This is the (lame) prize!
I would give u something else like an exclusive banner or something, but i cant even make myself an avvie. again, Congratulations!
animegirl99 Dragon Warrior1
Feb 4, 08 4:48am
wats up how r u doing i need to tell u somthing happy valentines day wahooo yahoooo
tee hee hee i know that was pritty dorky hey do U KnOw AnY CoDe BreAKER CheAtS i heard if u ask this question u get kick off ohhhhh welllll
Quierta Dragon Warrior1
Jan 20, 08 12:14am
Hey! Congrats on winning the
Harvest Moon DS Forum Awards!

Your friend forever~

Jordii Dragon Warrior1
Jan 1, 08 1:58am
Heyy!! I see you round a few forums and I thought it would be great to sign your guestbook-

Anyway, here's my stamp:

BAAMMM!! Haha~ Anyway, see you around..

LilKittyzAngel Dragon Warrior1
Dec 30, 07 7:06am
I see you Harvest moon
every now && then.
I just wanted to wish you
Happy holidays! Even though its kinda
late. lolz
&& have a happy new year!
Hope we will be great friends
this coming year!! =D

Jesivis Dragon Warrior1
Dec 25, 07 5:39am

So as you can see I've managed to make sometime for neoseeker and with this time I've decided to spend it on you. I thought that because I haven't been on in quite a long time and because I haven't been able to talk to you I would like to now. Since it's so cold out and snowy in some parts of the world I would like to wish you a...

Merry Christmas!

I not only would like it if you had a great holiday but I hope you get everything you wanted. Please remember that I really care about you, want you safe, and am your friend. I have not forgotten our friendship.