Les Falcons Satanique

Les Falcons Satanique is a criminal organization in the Pokémon world, founded by a French man named François Raphael. Initially a peaceful and solitary Atheist who lived in the Souther Region, François one day had an accident while climbing Falcon Roost Mountain, the highest mountain of his home region, and would have fallen to his death, had he not been saved by a legendary bird of immense power that resided at the top of that mountain. This legendary bird, who referred to himself as "Farukonix," possessed power far surpassing that of any legendary Pokémon on Earth, yet he himself was neither a human nor a Pokémon, but instead referred to himself as a "machine," an extraterrestrial organism that came to Earth long ago from a faraway planet. Upon being saved by this great being of such magnificent power, stature and benevolence, François saw no way to repay his debt to this machine than by abandoning his own Atheism, and bowing before Farukonix as his first and only God. But contrary to François's expectations, Farukonix declined this offer, and informed François of the identity of the being who he himself thought of as being the One True God of the universe - ChaosLord, the being long hailed as the Great PokéGod by the people of the Chaos Region. Because of the Pokémon world's overall lack of acknowledgement of this deity, as those who believe in him reside almost exclusively in the Chaos Region, François initially dismissed Farukonix's religious belief as being ridiculous. However, a very close bond of friendship began to form between this human and this machine, and over time, Farukonix gradually revealed to François a great amount of knowledge regarding ChaosLord, with such information being presented with an uncanny amount of detail and consistency, including the fact that ChaosLord defeated two other Gods that existed before him in order to establish his position as the universe's One True God, the fact that ChaosLord resides at the top of a huge tower on a distant planet, and a myriad of other information that was unknown to even the most educated inhabitants of the Chaos Region.

Eventually, François himself was convinced of the existence of ChaosLord, as well as his position as the One True God of the universe. He then travelled to the Chaos Region, with Farukonix accompanying him, in an attempt to spread the knowledge about ChaosLord that was so far exclusive to only him and Farukonix, to the people of that region, in order to strengthen the people of the Chaos Region's understanding of the very deity they believe in, as well as to promote the belief in the Great PokéGod in other regions across the world. But much to the dismay of François and Farukonix, the people of the Chaos Region completely rejected their words, accussing them of blasphemy. Ultimately, the two of them were banned from the Chaos Region for their perceived disrespectful actions, by King Randor, the King of the Chaos Region.

Witnessing the futility of attempting to enlighten the world through that method, François and Farukonix returned to the Souther Region. Since the terms "PokéGod," "ChaosLord," "OverLord of Chaos" and "Ultimate Organism" were strictly taboo in all societies besides the Chaos Region, François couldn't publicly promote his knowledge in other regions either. However, Farukonix had also told François that although Arceus, the Pokémon widely regarded as the One True God by the vast majority of the Earth's population, was not in fact the One True God, he nonetheless exists. As such, François immediately knew what he had to do next in order to make the world acknowledge his own God. Under the alias "Prince of Evil," chosen in honor of one of the numerous titles held by his very own God, as informed to him by his companion Farukonix, François founded an organization within the Souther Region, by the name of "Les Falcons Satanique," whose name payed homage to Farukonix himself.

The goal of Les Falcons Satanique was to slay the Legendary Pokémon Arceus, in order to eliminate the single greatest object that kept the attention of the vast majority of the world's population away from he who François believed to be the True God, ChaosLord. By killing Arceus, François, in his own words, believed that he would be "commettre déicide non seulement dans un sens physique, mais aussi conduire à la mort de l'idée que Arceus est le plus élevé de Dieu dans l'univers, et en tant que tel, le tuant dans un sens métaphorique aussi bien. Et comme la notion de l'homme construit des "Seigneur" Arceus saigne à mort sous les couteaux mêmes de ceux qui, ironiquement, se prosterna devant lui une fois, il n'y aura aucun moyen pour la population de ce monde pour essuyer le sang comme leurs mains ... sans mettre leur foi envers le Grand OverLord du Chaos. "," which translates in English as "committing deicide not only in a physical sense, but also leading to the death of the idea that Arceus is the Highest God in the universe, and as such, killing him in a metaphorical sense as well. And as the human-constructed notion of "Lord Arceus" bleeds to death under the very knives of those who ironically once worshipped him, there will be no way for this world's population to wipe such blood off their hands... without turning their faith towards the Great OverLord of Chaos." To that end, François and Les Falcons Satanique sought the legendary Azure Flute, an item that possessed the power to reveal the stairway to the Hall of Origin, the location of Arceus, situated high up in the heavens directly above Spear Pillar, Mt. Coronet.

This organization gained more and more members over time, and eventually, François established a hierarchy of authority within it. François himself led the organization with Farukonix as his right-hand, while directly below him were the Captain and Vice-Captain of Les Falcons Satanique, with the former, of course, having more authority than the latter. And right beneath the organization's Vice-Captain were the Twelve Elite Falcons, the twelve strongest members of Les Falcons Satanique besides François, Farukonix, the Captain and Vice-Captain, with such strength being based on overall combat ability using any means, whether it be using their own Pokémon to battle, fighting using any weapons they may possess, or even using any special or supernatural powers they may have harnessed themselves. Each member of the Twelve Elite Falcons were also assigned a number from 1 to 12 to represent their level of strength, with the member being assigned with the lowest number being the strongest. During the time of François's Leadership over Les Falcons Satanique, the organization's hierarchy looked like this:


François Raphael

Leader's Right Hand



Douglas Jay Falcon


Phénix Fiyah

Twelve Elite Falcons

1. Yylallqia Zsolaareskez
2. Alexandra Aleksandria
3. Eugene Eduardo
4. Krotenius Ryuujintensei
5. Leonardo Zako
6. Pabicus Pablojack
7. Claudaus Gacy
8. Yuri Vincentrius
9. Jessica Jajaja
10. Lolila Loreleiana
11 . Kagemaru Sarutobi
12. Rachel Megurina

Although all the members of Les Falcons Satanique generally worked well together as one in their grand quest to slay the Alpha Pokémon, not all of them shared the same motivation as their Leader. While some of the members, such as Farukonix, Captain Falcon, Phénix, Leonardo, Pabicus, Yuri, Jessica, Kagemaru and Rachel shared François's vision, some other members had their own personal agenda in joining the organization. For example, Yylallqia wanted to kill Arceus not to make the world recognize ChaosLord, but rather because he simply believed that the existence of a God above the heads of Pokémon and humanity was unnecessary, Alexandra did not care about killing Arceus at all but just wanted to usurp power from within the organization for her selfish goal of making herself the Queen of the entire world, Krotenius wanted to kill Arceus, the God of Pokémon, as a means of eliminating all Pokémon from existence due to his own personal hatred of such creatures, Eugene and Claudaus joined the organization just for the thrill of fighting, killing people and causing random destruction and chaos, and Lolila just followed Krotenius into the organization when he joined, as she had sworn to forever follow him for saving her life long ago.

However, the state of Les Falcons Satanique did not forever stay the same as it was. In François's search for the Azure Flute, he sent his subordinates to research and explore all sorts of ruins, temples and other similar places across the world which may have even the slightest possibility of containing information on the Azure Flute's whereabouts. One of the locations to which Krotenius Ryuujintensei, the Fourth Elite Falcon, and Lolila Loreleiana, the Tenth Elite Falcon were assigned to visit was the top of Mountain City in the Holy Pokéian Kingdom, the place where the Eight Guides To Justice, a set of laws incorporated into the Pokéian legal system, and said to have been written by Ryuumaru, the Highest God of Pokéism, was located. Upon coming upon the two stone tablets on which the eight statements were carved, the two Elite Falcons found no clues whatsoever about the location of the Azure Flute, though before leaving the very top of that mountain, Krotenius, upon reading the Eight Guides To Justice, made a brief comment about how they made perfect sense, and remarked that whoever who wrote it must have been a genius.

Krotenius and Lolila decided to spend the night inside Mountain City's hotel. However, shortly before dawn, while Lolila was still sleeping soundly, Krotenius heard and was woken up by a quiet and mysterious male voice calling out to his name. Curious as to who it may be, the man left the hotel, and amidst the otherwise completely dead-silent city under the night sky, he once again heard the mysterious voice calling out to him, with the voice appearing to be coming from the location where the Eight Guides To Justice were carved! All alone, yet curious, Krotenius then climbed back to the very top of Mountain City, where the Eight Guides To Justice were, as he heard the mysterious voice calling to him a few more times from that location. As Krotenius reached the Eight Guides To Justice, a miraculous revelation happened! The heavens directly above Mountain City suddenly split open, revealing what appeared to be a massive floating comet made of some incredibly thick and dense purple energy, located in what appeared to be an alternate dimension previously sealed off behind the sky itself! Krotenius then watched with his eyes widened as he looked up at that gigantic purple comet, from which radiated a massive amount of wind, blowing Krotenius's hair and clothes wildly, while countless bolts of purple lightning were also descending from the comet upon the Earth across a huge area! The mysterious voice that had been calling out to Krotenius then spoke down to the Fourth Elite Falcon from within the purple comet itself, initiating a dramatic exchange between the realms of divinity and mortality!



"Wh... Who are you?!"

"I am... that I am."

"I... I don't understand..."

"My name is Ryuumaru. I am the King of Heaven, and the God of this world. The creator of the Eight Guides To Justice that you see before you."

*Gasp* "Ryuumaru... of the Ancient Pokémon War... the Highest God of Pokéism?!"

"That is correct."

"I don't believe it... so the beliefs of the people of this region... they're all true! Wait! Then that means Arceus and ChaosLord..."

"They exists".


"But neither of them is the Highest God in the Universe."

"Wh-What do you want with me?"

"Your desire to slay the Original One... I share it."


"But your hatred towards Pokémon... I do not."

"But why!! If you have lived ever since the Ancient Pokémon War Era, then you must have seen enough to determine with your very own eyes! Pokémon... these creatures... they're despicable! They cause harm to the world... what good could possibly come out of their continuing existence?!"

"At the rate things are going, nothing. But what good could possibly come out of man's continuing existence either?"


"On that day, your mother's life was taken away at the hands of Pokémon... but could humans not have plausibly done exactly the same thing?"

"But we're different from Pokémon! Humans have sense... they have morals... they have decency and know that... that there is more to life than mere survival!!"

"Some do... but some don't."


"If the fine line between good and evil could be simply drawn between people and Pokémon, then we of Heaven would have led the side of good to victory millennia ago. Racism... sexism... misanthropy... the hatred towards Pokémon that you bear... people hold such attitudes because they associate the group that they despise to one thing... evil. But in truth, there are no groups of living beings in this world that can be more associated with evil than any other. Evil can manifest itself as a human of any race, a Pokémon of any species, or any kind of being of any gender."

"So basically, you're just saying that everyone on Earth is evil?"

"That is something I can neither confirm nor deny."


"But at the same time, it is irrelevant. Or at least, it would be... if you would agree to walk alongside me."

"Walk alongside you? What do you mean?"

"Though your ultimate goal is to kill Arceus, you currently do not possess anywhere even remotely close to the amount of power necessary to do so. I will grant you that power. And in exchange, you will help me destroy the very roots of evil - free will. Once the roots of evil have been cut, neither humans nor Pokémon will be able to do evil any longer. When that happens, you will no longer have any reason to hate Pokémon. Racists will no longer have any reason to hate people of any race. Sexists will no longer have any reason to hate anyone of any gender. And misanthropes will no longer have any reason to hate people. The world will finally become the Great Utopia that I have always dreamed of. And Heaven and Earth will finally be reunited. Do you accept my offer?"

"Yes, I do! Please, grant me the power to kill Arceus! Lord Ryuumaru!!!"

Following Krotenius's request, the Great Pokéist Deity called forth a powerful ray of purple energy that descended straight down from the heavens towards Krotenius, completely engulfing him momentarily! Krotenius then screamed loudly as his body was completely engulfed by the purple energy, before it faded away, and then Krotenius, with an extremely surprised look on his face, looked at his own hands, feeling as if a completely brand new, and insanely powerful energy was currently flowing throughout his entire body!

"I have granted you the holy power of spirit energy, the ultimate form of energy in the universe. With the power that you now possess, even Arceus is no longer anything more than a mere flea before your power now. You may share this power with your Pokémon, but not with anyone else."

"Wow... so now I have the power to crush Arceus with ease... but how I can kill Arceus then? How do I enter the Hall of Origin? I need the Azure Flute for that!"

"Unfortunately, not even I am aware of its location. Les Falcons Satanique shall be your arms and legs in your continuing search for the Azure Flute."

"I see..."

"Now, allow me to enlighten you of your duty, after you do successfully kill the Original One. You will have to capture the Legendary Pokémon, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, the embodiments of knowledge, emotion, and willpower, respectively, and modify their bodies in such a way that free will disappears from this world, such that people and Pokémon alike will no longer be able to choose to perform evil actions. Such a procedure must come after Arceus's death, for the Alpha Pokémon possesses the power to remotely restore Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf back to their regular Formes, rendering your efforts futile. When the time comes, I will teach you how to do it."

"You got it!"

"Finally, I shall warn you... about the possibility of our plans facing resistance by the very being worshipped by Les Falcons Satanique's current Leader. Research ChaosLord through any means necessary. Eliminate his emissaries on this Earth when you do find them, and do not allow that machine... the original bearer of the title "Prince of Evil"... to foil our master plan. Until then..."

The heavens then closed again, once more concealing the massive purple comet through which Krotenius had been communicating with the Great God Ryuumaru. The Sun had risen over the sky now, and then Krotenius returned to Lolila in Mountain City's hotel. The two of them then returned to Les Falcons Satanique's headquarters in the Souther Region.

Back at Les Falcons Satanique's headquarters, Krotenius informed François of his encounter with the Great God of Pokéism, and proposed that Les Falcons Satanique should extend their goal to the fulfilment of Ryuumaru's desires, for the ultimate purpose of creating a new world of light and Justice. However, to Krotenius's surprise, François rejected the idea, as he valued free will far more than the world of light and Justice that Krotenius and Ryuumaru desired, claiming that it was because the living beings of the world were able to co-exist with, help and support each other out of their own free will, which is why the world is so beautiful, something that he had learned through the very experience of his own friendship with Farukonix. François also told Krotenius that it was because he wanted to show his grattitude towards ChaosLord, who he believed to be the creator of the universe itself, for the very existence of his own free will as well as the absolutely beautiful world in which he lives, which was why he wanted to slay Arceus and therefore allow the entire world to give ChaosLord the recognition that he deserves. But upon hearing François's speech, Krotenius's heart was completely filled with anger, as he was utterly disgusted by the very thought that anyone would consider the world - the same one in which Krotenius's own mother was one day suddenly and randomly killed at the hands of Pokémon - to be "beautiful." In a great burst of indignation, Krotenius then proceeded to take over Les Falcons Satanique itself. Though François and Farukonix both resisted, Krotenius easily defeated both of them, including all six of the former's Pokémon, without even needing to send out a single Pokémon himself, as the holy power of spirit energy granted to him by the Great God Ryuumaru proved to be far, far stronger than anything else that existed on Earth, as evident by the fact that with this power, Krotenius effortlessly crushed even Farukonix, despite the fact that this machine himself was already much more powerful than any legendary Pokémon on the planet! Krotenius did not kill François as he wanted to leave him alive for for the purpose of interrogating him for any information he may know about ChaosLord, and he attempted to do the same to Farukonix. However, because of that machine's extraordinarily great power, it was difficult for Krotenius to subjugate him while holding back his own power, and therefore destroyed Farukonix as a result. After destroying Farukonix and placing the Prince of Evil at his mercy, Krotenius then imprisoned François in a cell below Les Falcons Satanique's headquarters, before proclaiming himself as the new Leader of the organization, while setting the fulfilment of Ryuumaru's divine orders as Les Falcons Satanique's new goal.

However, following Krotenius's rise to power, Les Falcons Satanique split in half, as many of its members were opposed to Krotenius's new plans. As none of these members dared to openly challenge Krotenius upon witnessing the terrifying, otherworldly power embodied by his spirit energy, they left the organization, and founded a new organization among themselves by the name of "Les Falcon Renégats."

Les Falcon Renégats is a secret organization formed for the ultimate purpose of opposing the current Les Falcons Satanique. Although Les Falcon Renégats consists of people who formerly sought to kill Arceus, they currently aim to stop Les Falcons Satanique from reaching this very goal, as they fear the consequences that may be brought to the world as a result, as they believe that preserving the free will of all living beings in the world comes before even their original goal of making the entire world recognize ChaosLord as the True God. One of Les Falcon Renégats's first objectives is to free François from his prison beneath Les Falcons Satanique's headquarters. Along with about half of the Grunts who formerly served under Les Falcons Satanique, Les Falcons Renégats consists of the following members:

Temporary Leader (Referred to as "Vice-Captain" by the other members anyway as he is the former Vice-Captain of Les Falcons Satanique, and also because François is expected to take over as the organization's Leader anyway once its members free him from his prison)

Phénix Fiyah

Notable Members

Leonardo Zako
Pabicus Pablojack
Claudaus Gacy
Yuri Vincentrius
Kagemaru Sarutobi
Rachel Megurina

Out of the original Twelve Elite Falcons, Phénix, Leonardo, Pabicus, Yuri, Kagemaru and Rachel were the most loyal to François and his cause, and therefore left Les Falcons Satanique upon Krotenius's usurpation of that organization's Leadership to form Les Falcons Renégats. Aside from their undying loyalty to their former Leader and his cause, they also all share an extremely strong grudge against all of their former comrades who stayed with Les Falcons Satanique, especially that organization's current leader. As for Claudaus, he left Les Falcons Satanique and joined Les Falcon Renégats not because he was ever loyal to François to begin with, but simply because he feared that if the plans of Krotenius and Ryuumaru were to come to fruition, he would never be able to satisfy his own evil and sadistic desires ever again by killing or torturing people, as well as causing destruction and chaos for fun, as all of the aforementioned actions basically defined the character and interests of Claudaus himself.

Meanwhile, under Krotenius's Leadership, Les Falcons Satanique continued to gain more and more members just like before, and although the organization had lost its Vice-Captain and half of the original Twelve Elite Falcons, the aforementioned positions were gradually replaced over time, and various changes in the organization's hierarchy also took place ever since Krotenius became its Leader, until it eventually took this form:


Krotenius Ryuujintensei


Douglas Jay Falcon


Lolila Loreleiana

Twelve Elite Falcons

1. Mutenshi of the ChaosGraveyard
2. Yylallqia Zsolaareskez
3. Alexandra Aleksandria
4. Heng Wai Leung
5. Eugene Eduardo
6. Xexexex Extremefuxxa
7. Floroko of Yggdrasil
8. Jessica Jajaja
9. John Jerichio McBrocky
10. Yuki Kanata
11 . Ghoulietta Grimmsonchloe
12. Alphez Golldenbaque

While Captain Falcon and Jessica were loyal to François's original plan, they agree with Krotenius's new plan as well, hence why they have decided to stay in Les Falcons Satanique. Lolila also stayed as she had sworn her loyalty to Krotenius forever. Yylallqia remains in the organization as he does not care about whether or not free will will disappear from the world, but just wants humans and Pokémon to be cut off from the idea of having a "God." Alexandra is still in Les Falcons Satanique as a means to reaching her original goal, and does not care about Krotenius's plan at all. And although Eugene and Claudaus were both in the original Les Falcons Satanique for similar reasons, the former decided to stay in the organization unlike the latter, as he believes that he will have more fun, at least in the present, by staying in and fighting for Les Falcons Satanique rather than defecting, even if it means that he will not be able to enjoy himself once his free will perishes upon Les Falcons Satanique's success, as he considers his enjoyment in the present to be more important than his long-term enjoyment in the future.

Mutenshi, an extraterrestrial demon who claims to have come from the same planet as Farukonix, joined Les Falcons Satanique under Krotenius's Leadership, not because he cares about Krotenius or Ryuumaru's plan for a new world of light and Justice to the detriment of freedom or anything like that, but simply because he had heard that Ryuumaru, Krotenius, and therefore Les Falcons Satanique as a whole are in conflict with ChaosLord, who Mutenshi despises for killing Mutenshi's own God, to whom Mutenshi had pledged absolute loyalty long ago for freeing him from Hell and giving him the powers that he currently possesses. By joining up with ChaosLord's enemies, Mutenshi believes that he will maximize his chances of fulfilling his goal of avenging his own God. Heng Wai, a genius scientist, wishes to offer his help to Les Falcons Satanique's mission of slaying Arceus as he intends to take over Arceus's position as the recognized God of the world after that, which he believes he is worthy of and that he has a good chance of reaching this goal, because he had modified his own body into a machine which he considers to be the perfect body for any organism in existence. Xexexex joined Les Falcons Satanique out of sheer boredom and wanted to have fun, The Pokéian legendary Pokémon Floroko joined forces with Krotenius as it agrees with Ryuumaru's ideals, John and Alphez are in the organization for pretty much the same reasons as Eugene, Ghoulietta was originally an innocent girl but had a wicked curse casted on her by Alexandra that turned her into a mindless onryō-like being only capable of serving Les Falcons Satanique, and Yuki, unaware of the source of the curse affecting her friend Ghoulietta, desires to eliminate free will from the world in order to bring about an end to whatever evil power may be currently possessing her friend.