Hey!If you some kind of Pedo plz leave, your not welcome here.Im 5'12,Brown Eyes,Brown Hair,And A little skinny for a fifteen year old.

My life story:By Nik
K so the first thing remotely close to a video gaem system i ever had was a gameboy.Not that big ass gray one, the one that were before the color.Well i cherished it for ever, but i bought it used and it broke.I then purhased a ps1 in 1998 and got a gba for christmas in 1999.Oh, btw the way,On the tragic summer of 1998, my goldfish ran away.I cried for a whole night, before he came back the next day.Around grade 5 -6 i got less addicted to the TV and CPU and became obssesed with sports.So tile about grade 8 i hadnt even touched my old sysems.WEll i got a summer job and then bougth a ps2 and x box, played the hell out of them and got bored, due to my limited attention span.(hehe, wat can i say, i got ADD.)So i signed up here for no paticular reason one day and have graced your memories ever since.


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Watching Random Japenese things(I really like how japenese sounds...)
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