Update here. In the Sonic forums, we all know me as Dr eggman's pet chao, the not so evil chao. :D I'm a blooper maker, so watch out! Oh, and I'm a girl.

I'm a fan of Pokemon, completed Emerald and Diamond. I have Pearl somwhere else, not sure. :P

I also love Kingdom Hearts, with Xemnas being my favourite char.

I have a lot more neofriends. They incluse HamHammyHam, Cute Chao, zwab, WolfofSorrow, Alex the Chao and pikachu_2006. I'm a girl.

WolfofSorrow is my neobro and pikachu_2006 is my neo sis. And I'm a girl.

That's me, basically. Wrestling and nachos, I love. And I'm a girl. Just saying! People think I'm a boy sometimes!


Chocolate, cake, cookies, crisps, nachos...Oh, not food? Ah.

A lot of things. Pokemon, Sonic....and wrestling!!! I love them.


Credit to BallisticBlissey for the sig and GameTester113 for the avatar.
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