Of all the video games I've played, this is my #1 favorite of all time. SuperMetroid SNES
Ok, the gameplay-hour counter on this game would probably be higher than any Xbox game Ive ever played. At one point I thought I was... Halo PC
I had GTA2 for Dreamcast. Man, what an improvement this game was. I agree this game revolutionized the future of video games. FrenzyPop iPhone
I thought this was an alright game. I beat it once and never played one player again. Then I found out there were cheats, so we played... EnterTheMatrix Xbox
Really awesome game. I had MGS on PS1 and it was my favorite game on that entire console. MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
I got this when it turned platinum for 20 bucks. Its okay, but Im kind of over the Mortal Kombat days. MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
I bought this for PC like 3 years ago and decided to give it a try on Xbox. Its way better on PC. WAY BETTER! TomClancysGhostRecon Xbox
probably the worst Xbox game I have. Actually, it is! WWFRaw Xbox
One of my first Xbox games. I love hockey games but this one was pretty bad. The \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ NHL2002 PS2
I had 2K1 I think on Dreamcast and I played the heck out of it. 2K2 is pretty much the same game as that. Havent really played another... NBA2K2 DC
I would say this is probably the best FPS I have ever played. RainbowSixRavenShield PC
I played this game for about 2 days and got stuck. Havent touched it since TomClancysSplinterCell Xbox
I was deployed when this one came out so I didnt get to enjoy it until a few months ago. I havent really played anything other than this... Halo2 Xbox
Got it free with another year subscription to xbox live. never played it ProjectGothamRacing2 Xbox
I played this maybe 1 hour. I got it pre-used from Blockbuster and tried it out. Lets just say I was bored. NASCARThunder2003 PS2
I played this game for a strong month until I finally beat it. It is fun to deck out your own car. Thats what kept me playing. NeedForSpeedUnderground PS2
I am a die hard THPS player. I have yet to find someone who can beat me. TonyHawksUnderground PS2
I think I played this game once. TetrisWorldsXBoxLive Xbox
Ehh. Same as every Madden. Dont know why I felt I needed one. MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Maybe it was better on PS2, but I cant control it for crap on Xbox. It seems really poorly translated to the Xbox. GrandTheftAutoViceCity PS2
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