Of all the video games I've played, this is my #1 favorite of all time. SuperMetroid SNES
I played this game for a strong month until I finally beat it. It is fun to deck out your own car. Thats what kept me playing. NeedForSpeedUnderground PS2
I played this maybe 1 hour. I got it pre-used from Blockbuster and tried it out. Lets just say I was bored. NASCARThunder2003 PS2
I am a die hard THPS player. I have yet to find someone who can beat me. TonyHawksUnderground PS2
Got it free with another year subscription to xbox live. never played it ProjectGothamRacing2 Xbox
Ehh. Same as every Madden. Dont know why I felt I needed one. MaddenNFL2004 PS2
I bought this game when I was in the middle east. I thought I was good at it until I came home and played it on Xbox Live... then I got... MortalKombatDeception Xbox
Maybe it was better on PS2, but I cant control it for crap on Xbox. It seems really poorly translated to the Xbox. GrandTheftAutoViceCity PS2
I was deployed when this one came out so I didnt get to enjoy it until a few months ago. I havent really played anything other than this... Halo2 Xbox
I think I played this game once. TetrisWorldsXBoxLive Xbox
I played this game for about 2 days and got stuck. Havent touched it since TomClancysSplinterCell Xbox
I got this when it turned platinum for 20 bucks. Its okay, but Im kind of over the Mortal Kombat days. MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
Really awesome game. I had MGS on PS1 and it was my favorite game on that entire console. MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
I thought this was an alright game. I beat it once and never played one player again. Then I found out there were cheats, so we played... EnterTheMatrix Xbox
I had GTA2 for Dreamcast. Man, what an improvement this game was. I agree this game revolutionized the future of video games. FrenzyPop iPhone
I bought this for PC like 3 years ago and decided to give it a try on Xbox. Its way better on PC. WAY BETTER! TomClancysGhostRecon Xbox
probably the worst Xbox game I have. Actually, it is! WWFRaw Xbox
I would say this is probably the best FPS I have ever played. RainbowSixRavenShield PC
I had 2K1 I think on Dreamcast and I played the heck out of it. 2K2 is pretty much the same game as that. Havent really played another... NBA2K2 DC
One of my first Xbox games. I love hockey games but this one was pretty bad. The \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ NHL2002 PS2
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