Does anyone know where you find it? Im using a Poochyena and dont want him to evolve as I dont really like Mightyena that muc

So. I have a conundrum and would request the help of my fellow poke-community. I could be wrong but as far as Im aware

If you have this safari would you mind adding me? trying to complete the dex and need clefairy! My safari is in my sig, I kno

Hi Im trying to fill my dex and need a fire safari with Magmar in it can anyone help?

Hi im just looking for a couple of Dex Fillers, I dont even need to keep them just s trade and trade back if you want to keep

Groudon lvl 50 - Shiny - Adamant - Sp.Def and Speed IV's Perfect Groudon ITA (Has english name) lvl 100 - Shiny - Jolly

Kyogre lvl 50 - Shiny - Docile - No perfecr IV's Groudon lvl 50 - Shiny - Adamant - Sp.Def and Speed IV's Perfect G

need to catch a HA Eevee to start breeding can somone please help!

Hi im looking for a HA dont care about shiny or iv's just need a HA one, Does anyone have on they dont midn giving away?

Or a swello or an egg, I dont care about iv or shiny or anything, I just want one. Does anyone have one spare? Thanks

I have FT 6 IV goomey/ Lax Any Gen Starter (Will give as many as needed) Shiny Bunnelby Shiny Poliwhirl Shiny Sharpedo

Hi Im looking for somone who has ninetails in their safari Im also happy to take anyone else FC to add moar safariz!

Hi guys looking for somone who has a Ninetails in their friend safari if anyone would be willing to help and add me so i can

Hi Im Looking for a Shiny Female anticipation Eevee IV's dont matter to me so much but would be great If I could find one

I can get you and Egg of any Gen Starter, Given the right trade I can hatch it too. I also have for trade 2 x Charizard

I can get multiple Kanto starters WITH megastones, Only Charizardite X though, If im correct in thinking, multiple UT Torchic

So Im having a problem Picking my last team member for Pokemon Y I currently consist of Charizard Glaceon Pidgeot Tyran

Hi Im looking for a dratini egg, Just beat the second gym so dont really have anything to offer have a couple of evees, A jap

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