Synergized Double Decker
Mar 30, 08 3:29am

Made by Trojanman

I haven't talked to you in ages, man. Still hanging around with Pokemon?
Synergized Double Decker
Nov 18, 07 6:45am

Made by Fran_15.
Tancuras Double Decker
Sep 09, 07 1:34pm
I still feel bad about throwing that crap at you in Wolf's Howl . . . so I'm gonna try and make it up to you by signing your guestbook. I've got a couple more to do after this one 'cause I've been ranting about unneeded shit since it started, but I saw you first so here goes

All in all, keep roleplaying, become a vet in the RP forums and show all the nooblets up with your skills in a couple years from now. You're a cool guy.
dandy01 Double Decker
Aug 18, 07 12:33am

Everything should be explained on the stamp. ^^ Thanks.
InnerDemon Double Decker
Aug 12, 07 7:29pm
here is a stamp for you to go PWN them noobs with

now go PWN the noobs and if you dont feel like PWNing you can eat this egg
Synergized Double Decker
Aug 03, 07 8:14am
Hey Decker! Once again, thanks for helping out in the Sprite Making Contest!

Made by Fran_17.
Mistress Venom Double Decker
Aug 02, 07 8:30pm

This is my new account, I love snakes so i am going to put them in!
mimi ds Double Decker
Jul 09, 07 3:35pm
Just signing back! i finally made my own(ccrappy yes)stamp! w00t! go dd and totoro! lol
dandy01 Double Decker
Jul 07, 07 5:00pm
Hi Double Decker, have I stamped you yet? I dunno, but here's my newest, most gorgeous one yet.
Synergized Double Decker
May 14, 07 6:02am

Made a new stamp. Another Rainbow Six Vegas one. Hopefully better than my last because my last one sucks serious ass.
Synergized Double Decker
Apr 02, 07 12:42pm

Sorry my stamp took so long.

Thanks for helping me out in the Sprite Making Contest!

Cheater X Double Decker
Jan 27, 07 2:24am
Hey there! I'm glad we have become friends, and I'm looking forward to working on Poke towns for you.

Hope we become real good friends DD.
C-ya around!

Taillow Double Decker
Jan 22, 07 11:50pm
Thanks for stamping my GB!

I'll sign again as soon as I make another one.
Jin the Demon Double Decker
Jan 15, 07 11:36pm

well there ya go hope u enjoy my stamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SventheCrusader Double Decker
Dec 12, 06 3:22am
About time I did a GB round. Delta Squad says hi.

dabliharo Double Decker
Dec 03, 06 10:07am

Hey mate! new stamp cool eh? sign my naked new guestbook back sometime.
EM876N83tw Double Decker
Nov 28, 06 5:58am


It's been awhile since I blessed your guestbook =o so here I am! check out my newest stamp!

See you later mate ^^ |-Em8-|
Dragons Call Double Decker
Nov 16, 06 3:25am
I know, I know... I'm late. -_-

Neofriends? Sure, why not? I shall sign thy guestbook! ... I'd give you a stamp, but I can't find my link! >.<


The dragons are calling me...
Who am I not to answer?

~DRAGONS CALL *4 years!*~
Synergized Double Decker
Oct 17, 06 1:26pm
Made especially for em8, but oh well, I PWN you as well! Haha, well my hyperness is kinda wearing off, so I forgot what to say:P
Either, way enjoy the stamp and...yeah, ahve fun...yeah...okay yeah I'll just stamp now

The Hero Hartmut Double Decker
Jul 29, 06 4:43am
Hey, DD, thanks for the signing!

I always return the favour when someone signs my guestbook. And this time is no different.

Now, due to my sucky graphical ability, Idon't have a stamp to give. But, that's okay, 'cause you didn't have one either! It's great, isn't it!

Well, that's my signing done. Keep up the good contributions to your former RP!

See ya 'round, maybe...
Anima Sword Double Decker
Feb 19, 06 6:09am
This is too say thank you for:

a) Performing brilliantly in the Ash Thread

b) The first person to sign my guestbook for reasons other than spamming
severedlimb03 Double Decker
Jul 22, 05 12:57am
Hey DD!

Remember - never eat yellow snow

^ that's got me through some tricky times, my friend.

Stay cool, stay in school
SUPREM_KITE Double Decker
Apr 14, 05 2:16am
hey you know where my site is so come on over were having a party for my birthday and one tommarow for keikeo.

Also i signed your gb because i thought i should sese you signed mine.
Nashira Double Decker
Apr 05, 05 4:01am
I thought I'd go on a stamping spree so you know what happens next...


Sindrak Double Decker
Jan 05, 05 1:37pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook and for your compliments, I appreciate it. I hope you stick around the FireRed and LeafGreen forums and stay an active member.