Uh, I'm lazy but active. Now don't get the wrong idea about me please, I'll be blunt I'm not fat. I'm just a short, teen with some tub on my tummy and your average girl teen problems and dramas. I am active though, I'll go outside, around, then return to wither my video games or this computer here later in the night. I procrastinate, so I'll be around a lot to avoid my homework and projects.


Gaming duh, that's why I joined here. I'm not a gaming whiz of course but I'll try my best to help others out but I don't think we'll have the same game or platform for it...I don't think I have a preference of games, just not Pop-Out games. Y'know, those horror games (especially those first shooters) where when you turn the view one way, nothing's there and look away but when when you look back something's come out flying at you? I hate them.


I want to play...a game. =_=
Let's play Sonic! @u@
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