wtas up homie u betta sign my guestbook afta me signin urs! llf. i was checkin some of the GTA forums and seen tht u sign guestbooks so i thought id sign urs
hey saw you around the gta forums you seem like a cool guy

Hey, man you remember me you signed my guestbook a long long time ago.

Anyway I saw your post in the introduction at the Metal Gear Solid forum. I was WOW your born2hustle. well, I'm glad you changed everything to really represent who you really are. Oh BTW mind signing my guesbook with an up2date stamp


Yo just thought i sing since i have seen you around quite alot now!

P.S sorry i didn't use a sig or banner 'cause i haven't got one yet lol.
I thought that i could sign your guestbook because i have been seeing you around a lot.

Im signing all my neofriends to say: Happy Christmas! Hope to see you around...
hey man, just wanted to drop off my new stamp ya know...


signed a few with it already though, might as well christen yours.
I knew the link under your banner was gonna take me here. Meh, since I'm here, have a stamp.

awww no porn like you said. ah well. see ya round the san andreas forum.
Hey bro returning the guestbook signing...even though you left with a dreaded Yankee stamp. Don't know what the deal was with you gettin reported in madden forum, but keep up the good quality posts, its good to see someone who doesn't spam shit up constantly...peace out
yea im returning the G-Book signing, and yea i have enjoyed you and the others in the Madden 06 forum, and yea my True Italian Gangster Neo Name...(Al Capone), yea i like Al Capone his history...interested me, i have alot of different race in me...one happens to be Italian,....but yea my actual race would be cuacasun or however you spell it...lol

here is ya a stamp

yo wattup i know you live in brooklyn and im a manhatten cat. we repping NYC so keep it up. by the way, how you get so many post so fast? in like july, i saw you with 20 post now you got damn there 2000! anyway, see ya around later
Just came to here to say hi!!!!
Hope to see you around the sports forrums!!
See ya around!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S- I will have a stamo next time. I screwed up my other one.
gimme some *bleep*in italian words foo.

BTW,guestbook signed
hi, i thought i'd sign some guestbooks.

hope you sign back.

What's up man? I want to learn Italian! This better be worth it lol. I have seen you in the GTA SA forum and you seem like a cool guy and a good poster.
Anyway take care.

Ok im kind enough so sign back. Ive seen you around the San Andreas and Liberty City Stories forum so i thought i'd sign yours.
he thanks for signing in my geustbook.

greetings from maastricht!
Ehi lí, Scioglere di Docente universitario, lei può insegnarme italiano... per favore? 'La causa, questi traduttori succhiano.

Anyways, I had a stamp, but I can't seem to find it, soz, I might sign again later.
tech me italian, i wanna find my dad.

stamp: well, thats a sight for sore eyes, and maybe a guestbook entry!

I've seen you around in the GTA SA forum, and you seem like a pretty cool guy - and all cool guys get a stamp from me

Take care!
im on a signing spree...and obviously signing urs:P

please sign back?

if u want to be my neofriend pm me^_^
Hey man thanx for hawling your new stamp in my book yeah. Well, i made this a few days ago and i reckon ill stick with this one this time as most of my other attempts were a bit shit lol. So see you around man.

Hey! Whats up! My man! My dawg! My ace-in-the-hole! Anyway, thanks for signing my guestbook. And ummm... yea, yea.... I like to stand on my nose.... and ummm.... I also like to wear baseballcaps with Tuxedos....what do you like?If you like putting clothing on your Nose, then we gotta lot in common...you're pretty cool. So man, keep up your stalking, because in my opinion you stalk better than me at stalking, PM man you're really cool.. peace out, oh and try to stand on your nose, i love to! Hmm.... no wonder my girlfriend just dumped me.... see ya!

thnx for bein my neofriend in the sa forum and ill see ya there,G. sign my guestbook too ya kno?!