lol! i just thought of that hehe im real bored and going on a signing spree! @_@ ur never on anymore! on msn i mean but o well thanxs for the compliment on my pic made me blush well Mr. Fuzzy i dont kno wat to put! ahh!! man im soo hyper too!! grr! i wanna go to my friends house but im stuck here watching my lil sis! but o well

well i G2G fuzzy buh bie lyl!
you dont know me but i am signing your guestbook, as you know that is my right as a member as neoseeker, but since it is your guestbook you are allowed to delete the entry whenever you want. now wouldnt that be mean?
hi good to see ya mate please sign mine bac in return

like the banner
Hiya mate, just signing to thank you for the guestbook signiture. A shame it wasn't #100 but #101's almost as good .

Thanks again ,

Hey Dominate, you are a cool person, I will see you around on Soul Calibur 2 and PSO.

Then your pronouncing it wrong.

It sounds like Mysteer. Like STEER, as in STEERing wheel.

Get the idea? _Mystere_, UNIQUE!! XD
hewo fuzzy!! i should of signed this sooner!

well ne ways ummmm let see wat to say
thnxs for being a great friend and neo bro;)



well ill talk ta ya l8r biezs!!
Hi I don't who this is, but thanks for signing my guestbook. You must know me, since you mentioned Andy aka Azn_piss aka Whacker aka ANYWAY TRIPORN FOREVER!

btw nice avatar you got there, look like hes mastur...
" If you made a rivel to Captain Obvious then that means he would have an enemy. "

Oh come on, you know you want to touch these Spankies.

Come on.

Come on you know you want to.

Ok FINE then, you don't want to touch these rippling MUSCLES!! *Flexes in his Spankies*

"Captain Obvious!! AWAAAYY!!!!"

~They Have You~
Hey Dominate!

I am signing all who are on my neoFriends list. Not sure why you're there, maybe the Golden Sun Club? Anywho, it's nice seeing you around the forums even though I can't remember how I know you!

"Darkness beyond the blackest pitch
Deeper then the deepest night
King of Darkness who shines like gold on the sea of chaos
I call upon thee, swear myself to thee
Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I possess
Giga Slave!!!!"

mwa ha ha youv'e been giga Slaved

Hey sup? I'm the first one to sign this, cool. Wow you've got alot of accounts now, i will probably never catch up, lol.