AznBabyGurl911 Dominate
Feb 6, 04 1:44am
lol! i just thought of that hehe im real bored and going on a signing spree! @_@ ur never on anymore! on msn i mean but o well thanxs for the compliment on my pic made me blush well Mr. Fuzzy i dont kno wat to put! ahh!! man im soo hyper too!! grr! i wanna go to my friends house but im stuck here watching my lil sis! but o well

well i G2G fuzzy buh bie lyl!
timgta2002 Dominate
Oct 25, 03 6:24am
you dont know me but i am signing your guestbook, as you know that is my right as a member as neoseeker, but since it is your guestbook you are allowed to delete the entry whenever you want. now wouldnt that be mean?
neo7 Dominate
Oct 15, 03 11:10pm
hi good to see ya mate please sign mine bac in return

like the banner
Link_2000 Dominate
Sep 8, 03 11:36pm
Hiya mate, just signing to thank you for the guestbook signiture. A shame it wasn't #100 but #101's almost as good .

Thanks again ,

Dragon Cloud Dominate
Sep 3, 03 1:44pm
Hey Dominate, you are a cool person, I will see you around on Soul Calibur 2 and PSO.

_Mystere_ Dominate
Aug 24, 03 10:28am
Then your pronouncing it wrong.

It sounds like Mysteer. Like STEER, as in STEERing wheel.

Get the idea? _Mystere_, UNIQUE!! XD
AznBabyGurl911 Dominate
Aug 7, 03 12:13am
hewo fuzzy!! i should of signed this sooner!

well ne ways ummmm let see wat to say
thnxs for being a great friend and neo bro;)



well ill talk ta ya l8r biezs!!
Spectral Dominate
Jul 30, 03 3:07am
Hi I don't who this is, but thanks for signing my guestbook. You must know me, since you mentioned Andy aka Azn_piss aka Whacker aka ANYWAY TRIPORN FOREVER!

btw nice avatar you got there, look like hes mastur...
Shaharazhad Dominate
Jul 18, 03 3:47am
" If you made a rivel to Captain Obvious then that means he would have an enemy. "

Oh come on, you know you want to touch these Spankies.

Come on.

Come on you know you want to.

Ok FINE then, you don't want to touch these rippling MUSCLES!! *Flexes in his Spankies*

"Captain Obvious!! AWAAAYY!!!!"

~They Have You~
Ivix Dominate
Jun 25, 03 8:04pm
Hey Dominate!

I am signing all who are on my neoFriends list. Not sure why you're there, maybe the Golden Sun Club? Anywho, it's nice seeing you around the forums even though I can't remember how I know you!
Blade2pwr Dominate
May 31, 03 10:52am

"Darkness beyond the blackest pitch
Deeper then the deepest night
King of Darkness who shines like gold on the sea of chaos
I call upon thee, swear myself to thee
Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I possess
Giga Slave!!!!"

mwa ha ha youv'e been giga Slaved
LinkinPork Dominate
Apr 21, 03 12:44pm

Hey sup? I'm the first one to sign this, cool. Wow you've got alot of accounts now, i will probably never catch up, lol.