I found this site way back in 2004 when I was looking for information on "Banjo Threeie", as I was playing a bunch of N64 games and one them - Banjo Tooie - I had just beaten. At the end of that game there's a reference to "Banjo Threeie", so being 10 I wondered if the game had come out yet (since Banjo Tooie was at the time already a few years old). I ended up on the Banjo Tooie forums and started posting.

I started looking around the site and realized there were many more forums. So I started posting more and joined the site in December 2004. One of the first forums I found was the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door forum. I posted there for a while and then found a few other forums, mostly involving N64 or Gamecube games.

That's pretty much my beginning here on the site.


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Review: Banjo-Kazooie - This game is da bomb!

Jun 9, 2005

great, super, superb, loved it! greatest game of 1998! i loved this game, as it was one of my favites! loved it, and all that stuff, you only battle one person, gruty but its great!! two thumbs way up! maybe hard to bet, but it will be a fun and...

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