Not hollow yet...
Only upon reflection, do we realize what is most precious to us...

Poise, it was pretty much down to a fine art in Dark Souls. Players meticulously crafted builds to suit an armour weight requ

This weapon class is often over-looked, and for good reason... on the surface. It doesn't offer anything great if you&

New update information has been announced today on the Japanese Dark souls website, and whilst they have been listed there is

Often overlooked to those who try to plough through the Souls Series, are armour, and weapon descriptions - which not only ho

<Gotenks> DkSII already made me ragequit
The Voting phase has begun, have your say on the Dark Souls II Header & Footer!

To help build the online community and to ensure a greater chance of being able to actually meet with whomever you arrange a

_Table of Contents_ ] # ] # ] # ] # ] # ] # ] # ] # ] # ] # ] ] _Introduction_ Hey there and welcome to t

With only 2 days to go, help shape our forum & post up an entry! :]

Wow! That is what should be said when confronted with the first impression of this lovel

As we're now getting into full flow of Dark Souls II, it's time to grab your cohorts and engage in jolly co-operation

[00:04:51] * Symphobyss disowns Docile - I'm free! :D

I'm sure most of you know how GD's operate but for those who don't, sit back, relax, get to know and talk to your

Much like those playing this game currently the header is becoming a little ragged around the edges and since its release, a

Go Beyond Death...

_You Died. _ As Dark Souls II is now out in the US, with Japan & the EU to follow in the coming days there will i

With the imminent release of Dark Souls II, it's that time once again - we're all on a level playing field, all of us

Dark Souls II: Release - March 11, 2014(NA), March 14, 2014 (EU). Are you prepared?

Dark Souls II forum. Join our community and participate in a collection of forum threads, questions, answers, and other discussions about Dark Souls II.

Naturally, this content contains spoilers. Read at your own discretion. I cannot wait for NG+ action now. :XD; _Did

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