As with the previous games by Fromsoft the thought provoking, often brutal world we explore is diverse and challenging with a

I've been re[blood]born[e]
Happy holidays everyone, may you have a wonderful time. x
Working abroad sucks, not doing that again. >-<;
Shameless advertising of my first official review, thank you editorial team. <3

Mass Creation takes us to an island of peril, where the player must escape by running, jumping and sliding through sunny beac

Why did I not watch Doctor Who earlier?!
Exception Paradox: Truly a wonderful way to melt the brain.
Absurd designs galore...

With the Crown of the Sunken King & Crown of the Old Iron King floating off into the sunset, we're left with the upco

Danganronpa 2: Chapter 2 ended with me crying. ;A;
Pointing! Peeking!
It's compellingly repulsive. I want it. 3:

The Binding of Isaac set the precedent for really messed up and unsettling trailers. Hopefully everone remembers the live-action guy slowly turning into a crying, huge-headed monstrosity in the dark. That one will never leave my nightmar...

Three more spaces left, come and join in! :D

Seeing as how Basic Mafia is almost over, I figured I'd open sign-ups for my next game now to get things moving quicker o

DanganRonpa 2: Prologue Finished, just wow! Incredible! :D
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair? Disgaea 4? Velocity 2x? PsN you spoil me! ;A;
I do things, sometimes.

On the main page of, top-right where it lists the drop-down menu's for; Community, Wikis &

Join in on Rome's "Civilization V: Gods and Kings" Stream. One hour to go! :3

Hey, all, I would like to announce that I am doing a stream of Civilization V: Gods and Kings this Saturday from 3:00 - 4:30... Set to be released in Spring 2015, the already highly anticipated PS4 exclusive Bloodbo

Prepare to Die! I suppose we should all introduce ourselves, as I hear it's all the rage these days. :thick: Howd

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