...Well, by like twelve hours. I don't think that counted as 'just missed' after all.

Hey, don't feel bad about not signing back earlier, I don't visit too much either. Maybe just for the holidays. But it really does feel great to log in at random and find a message or two waiting for you.

We're having roast chicken and fruit salad for christmas dinner! And we're already stocked up with fake champagne! (For the non-alcoholic drinkers )

You look like a good spraying target!

*pops cork*

*accidentally sprays self*
It seems I tend to come back here around this time of year. It must be the weather, bringing back lost memories...

And, hey, this was supposed to go on my guestbook! Who made it so you can't sign it yourself anymore?!

Sign back, okay? Seeya.
Doing some random signing Your lucky number one. ..... .yippie....

Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

He's never had good aim.

Mad props to you, my friend, for being smarter than the average high school graduate. I hate my demographic.
Hello. I logged in today. I just wanted you to know. Actually, I have nothing better to do. Don't get mad.

Checked the RP Forum... Neo-Midgar is dead! Hmm, I was looking forward to joining one. Oh, well.

How come I didn't start a new one? Well, I'm not too keen on being a GM. Even if the reality is I wouldn't have to do anything, I would still feel responsible for keeping the RP afloat. It's hard to balance that with the irresistable urge of making long, irrelevant posts... much like this one.

Oh, my! And here I was just going to say hi.
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around DivineMagic. Sign back if you want...

Like the stamp? JOhny G made it originaly as a banner and I didn't want to waste it.
The wording in my last entry was a bit off. What I meant to say was "I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday".

Mike C.
I want wanted to wish you a happy birthday.

Mike C.
Merry christmas to you too!!

Thank you for the present and kind words, it was really sweet

Will you join the tactician force? the Neoteam-battle?

It will be Swell if you do

DivineMagic, you have been fragged by the computing penguin.

I just relized, I' never signed your guest book! Evil me! Heh, NEhow, i thought you should know, i conisder you a very good authur! Never stop wwriting. I die if i didn't read your fics. See ya around.
hehe, ur big bro is spammin ur gbook! mwahahahahahaha

hehe, hey every1! go bother him or sumthin! he need more contacts on aim n msn!
I hope you don't forget the Rp forum I hope to see you there soon it has been at bit of a drag rping without you DOn't forget or else I will see you soon.
Well we've RP a couple of times together and let me say, you are VERY good for your age. I hope we can RP many times in the future, and I hope to meet up with you in one of the regular gaming forums sometime!
Hello. I saw you in the Sailor Moon RP. I like to go around signing random people's guest books. It's kind of fun. You ought to try it. Anyway, see you at the Sailor Moon RP. Have a lovely.
Hope you come to the Bof4 forum soon, miss you, my friend.

I hope the situation between all, has been layed to rest... I really hope everyone can be friends...

Talk to you later, ok?
See ya in the forums...
I'm sorry that I got steamed at you DM! I've already apologized to lill, and now I'm apologizing to you! I just don't like it when people say stuff like that(joking or not!) but if you apologize to me, I'll forget that it happened! still friends!
Just had to say, you're one of my best friends here.... I really appreciate your kindness...

See you in the theads/forums...