Steve my man, just thought I'd pop in here and say that at first I thought you were an arrogant asshole. Not much has changed, but ontop of that I consider you one of my really good friends despite not meeting you in person, and the possibility of that ever happening being slim at best.

Best wishes bro, take it easy.
Can't believe i haven't signed your guestbook yet, or anyones for that matter . Don't really need to explain much, you and the rest of SHS already know that your awesome
Hey Ditnopota, I am signing your guest book because I feel like you are a great person. Also, you rock at forums.

I never knew you are a friendly person till I talked to you on RE4 & other awesome forums .

Also, thanks a lot for signing and stamping my Guest book first . That picture of Santa was very very funny. Made me laugh till I fell on my keyboard XD.

Hey, If you want to talk to me sometimes, Feel free to PM me. I like random chat & also we can discuss about games etc. You can also add me as your friend, I won't mind but instead I'll add you as my friend too.

Oh and here is a hilarious funny picture of Leon from RE4- (Maybe you'll find it sexy too!)

So, Best luck for your future and Take care.

Keep up your good work at forums & always stay like this(Cool & happy).

Best regards,
Your friend,
Wow. Thanks for that kiddo. It's always nice to know you aren't taken for granted, and that you make a difference.
Hi dino, i think im the 1st one to sign your guestbook.. anyway this is to let u know that your profile is great and i like it very much..
Hope you get more gaming consoles on your next b day..