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Yeah, OK, I'll skip most of this crap I call my life and tell you the stuff you wanna know.

My life on Neo started in February of 2004. Looking for some strategies for Super Smash Bros. Melee, I stumbled into the Super Smash Bros. Melee forum. There I remained, along with occasionally peeking into other game forums like Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion. Then in March of 2004, I made "the big jump" and registered here at Neo.

Until December 2004, the SSBM forum was my sanctuary. It was practically the only forum I visited aside from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. However, one of the mods decided the forum was getting too junked up, and closed it down to everyone while he did a Forum Cleanup. True, everything was less cluttered, but there was also a MASSIVE dropout of members. I wasn't one of them, but eventually I, too, gave up on the dead forum.

It slowly sparked back to life however, and is now back to the way it was. I still visit, but now the place is crawling with n00bs, so I don't go there often. It's just not the same.

By October, the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door forum was abuzz with life. Great game threads, mostly by Bulzeeb15 and Gaming Guru, both close friends of mine, were there, as well as great discussion about the game.

One thread created by YoshiStar and maintained by Werlin, the "Never-ending Story" (or NES as we called it) was great fun. There was great storytelling in that thread, and it ws the talk of the forum. Things were great until about February 2005, when the n00bs took over. (you know who you are) During its 4th thread, the NES got its first n00b invader. Things soon blossomed into an argument that resulted in many writers leaving. Pyrazor shut down the thread and opened a new one, hoping to get a better start. It worked, a little, but it just wasn't the same. As of August 2005, the NES was declared dead.

Until late September, I still hung out in the PM:TTYD forum, but not as much as I used to. I also went to Luigi's Mansion, the original Paper Mario, and I've recently diverged from games to post in the Loungin', Asia and Cooking forums.

Finally, I became fed up with the n00bs in PM:TTYD and just up and quit. I don't know when I'll be back, if ever, but you can still catch me in the other forums I listed, plus SSBM, once again. I decided to get back to my roots.

In February 2006, I signed up on and started a single story. If you have the time, please read it. My name is Ruling Dragon.

Not much else happened in that year, but in November, I finally got an MSN. Yeah, 'bout time, right? ...I know you're out there, I hear you sighing.

In December, I joined the Tales of Symphonia and Animal Crossing: Wild World communities. I just post in the GDs there, mostly.

I also met my ex-Neo-GF, Bright Blue Yoshi. She convinced me to join the AC:WW forum in the first place.

2007. The Neo-Bachelor Auctions. Guess who bought me? Well, anyway, my week of embarrassment and slavery started. Not so great. Well, I shall have my revenge once the female Auctions come around.

So...I was inactive until March of 08. I guess Neo will always be my home.

Late March. SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL!!!! I'll be settling in there. You'll see me a lot over there.

On March 30, 2009, I got my name changed from shadow993 to Distortion. Glad to ditch the noobish name after 5 years. Mad props to Angyles Cerddorriaeth for paying it for me! You may see me on the forums. If you do, give me a shout out, or sign my guestbook, or both!

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Just in case any of you are interested. Here are the milestones of my Neo career.

1000th post: 5/25/04
2000th post: 8/10/04
3000th post: 11/8/04
4000th post: 2/3/05
5000th post: 4/29/05
6000th post: 8/18/05
7000th post: 3/3/06
8000th post: 8/4/06
9000th post: 4/19/08
10000th post: 6/22/08-6/23/08 (it was late at night)
11000th post: 10/6/08
12000th post: 1/25/09
13000th post: 5/20/09
14000th post: 9/1/09
15000th post: 1/4/10
16000th post: 8/20/10
17000th post: 2/20/11
18000th post: 11/7/11
19000th post: 9/25/12