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Dec 17, 08 5:29am

So guys, my parents surprised me coming home from college for winter break today with, of all things, an Xbox 360! I was actually planning on buying one for myself for Christmas but it just seems like they'd have none of that. I don't have any games for it, and I haven't figured out Xbox Live BUT it's just the first day, and I have more than enough money saved up to get all the games myself.

Anyway, I'm just really excited to jump in there and see what I've been missing, being a Ninty-fag all my life. :L I'll be sending gamertags and stuff to you all, we have got to play together, haha!

BTW, for future reference, don't be surprised if I suck: Give me time to get used to it! XD

UPDATE: I am Xbox Live enabled people, so send me those gamertags! Mine is "Xynical".

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Dec 10, 08 8:07am

Oh yes, it's that most wonderful time of the year! Christmas*, where you give/get presents, visit relatives and eat and sing and be happy and merry and joyful.

Or do you?

Well, to be honest, I got all my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday. I figured it'd be painful, but quick. Fortunately, I was not trampled by the impending mob, nor was I a part of said mob. It was quite an experience, really, going shopping actually level-headed on Black Friday. While the people around me were pushing and shoving each other to save $3 on T-shirts, I strategically calculated my opportunities of attack, so to speak and was in and out of each store in a matter of minutes. Customer and cashier alike were friendly on the outside, but you could tell that the mad rush was getting to them and the customers wanted to get to the next store as fast as possible and the cashiers wanted the customers to go away equally fast. And I'm just calm as can be. The stores have plenty of merchandise. Why kill yourself to be the one to get there first? My entire shopping trip took a little over two hours (I have a big family), and I escaped without any injuries to my person whatsoever! =D

I don't know what to ask for this Christmas myself. I'm thinking an Xbox 360 and/or an iTouch since I am finally starting to develop an interest in music now (Shocking, I know). That's pretty much my entire Christmas list, save the games for the 360. I've noticed that as we get older, our interests shift from 5 million little toys to only a few, big grandiose items. I'm not too sure which stage of our life is easier on our parents' budget. I may just have to go buy the thing myself. If I didn't spend all my money on getting gifts for other people.

But before all the festivities can begin, I've got to get through the toughest, most grueling, soul-stealing, spirit-breaking part of any college student's life. I am talking, of course about finals. Studying for them is a pain in the ass because (for me at least) you have to memorize every meticulous detail in every chapter of every book/reading. Stretch that across 4 classes and we're looking down the barrel of a week-long, 24/7 cram session. The teachers say you should be learning the material all along, but let's be honest. Who really does that? Either way, I'm just waiting for them to be over so I can get on with Christmas break and not worry about tests or homework for a whole month.

*Yes, I am using the word Christmas to avoid having to be all politically correct and putting 50 bajillion holidays on here, switching back and forth randomly. I'm sorry/Deal. ^_^

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Dec 9, 08 7:15am

OK, so apparently these have been around for a while now and I was only now alerted to their presence via a good friend of mine. My question to all of you is: WHY DO ALL OF YOU NOT TELL SHADOW ANYTHING? ;-; I don't like being left in the dark.

OK, current bitching status is normal, I promise. Maybe I'll be using this to get any personal rants out of the way. Maybe not. Most likely the former.

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