Apr 13, 16 8:59pm
Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ This action will have consequences...
Feb 7, 16 10:29pm
Wait for me beyond the stars.
Jan 16, 16 8:29pm
Not dead, going through some real personal stuff rn. Don't forget about me, guys.
Sep 18, 15 1:30am
Going down fighting
Gotenks Distortion
Sep 14, 15 3:42am
I approve of this avatar change. Miss the Crystal Stars!
Jul 30, 15 6:40pm
This space for rent
Jul 12, 15 8:43pm
R.I.P. Iwata
NightMoose Distortion
Jun 18, 15 12:29am
Jun 9, 15 8:48pm
Someday they're gonna be writing stories about me.
May 16, 15 10:01pm
Getting back into gaming. How I've missed it.
Feb 16, 15 7:40pm
Prisonworld is such a good album, don't know how I neglected it until now.
Jan 29, 15 3:44am
Microsoft had better fix my Xbox this time! Third bleeding time I've sent it in. :/
Jan 8, 15 11:19am
Sticker Star isn't as bad as people say it is.
Dec 14, 14 7:40pm
Got a 3DS! Send me those friend codes!
Nov 16, 14 3:58am
Got an Xbox One! I am next gen ready!
Nov 12, 14 10:49am
Got the Sunset Overdrive bundle! I am next-gen ready!
Oct 29, 14 12:00pm
When's the best time to get a next-gen console?
Aug 22, 14 11:06am
Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out a day before my birthday! :D
Aug 9, 14 6:43pm
Testing out these statuses to see if anyone'll read them.
Distortion blogged
Dec 17, 08 5:29am

So guys, my parents surprised me coming home from college for winter break today with, of all things, an Xbox 360! I was actually planning on buying one for myself for Christmas but it just seems like they'd have none of that. I don't have any games for it, and I haven't figured out Xbox Live BUT it's just the first day, and I have more than enough money saved up to get all the games myself.

Anyway, I'm just really excited to jump in there and see what I've been missing, being a Ninty-fag all my life. :L I'll be sending gamertags and stuff to you all, we have got to play together, haha!

BTW, for future reference, don't be surprised if I suck: Give me time to get used to it! XD

UPDATE: I am Xbox Live enabled people, so send me those gamertags! Mine is "Xynical".

xbox 360

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