This is Semi-Perfect Cell attempting to tank a combined blast from SSj Goku, SSj Vegeta, SSj Trunks, and Piccolo (all before

This is a hypothetical BoG Base Gogeta against Hirudegarn after he transformed into his Final Form. Who do you think wins?

This is Gotenks, the result of Goten and Trunks (both from the Shadow Dragons Arc) fighting Super 17 (Pre-Kamehameha-absorpti

This is a hypothetical SSj3 Goku, from the special "Yo! Son Goku And His Friends Return!", fighting the reality war

As the title of this thread suggests, I want to know how strong you think Goku would be after training with Oob for 10 years.

This is Base Goku, from the movie Battle of Gods (before he achieved SSj God form, that is), fighting SSj2 Gohan from the Boo

This is SSj2 Goku, from the movie Yo! Son Goku And His Friends Return!, fighting his Boo Arc SSj3 counterpart, SSj Gotenks (a

This is a hypothetical SSj3 Goku from the End of Dragon Ball Z saga, where his base form is close to SSj3-tier, fighting Goha

This is Base Goten (Boo Arc) fighting Piccolo from the Androids Arc. 1. Base Goten vs. Piccolo (pre-fusion) 2. Base Goten

This is Base Goku, from the Boo Arc, fighting the Super Saiyans from the Android Saga. Do you think that Goku wins this?

As the title suggests, I want to know how big you guys think that the gap between Super Vegetto (Boo Arc) and SSj3 Goku (Baby

This is Super 17 Arc Goku if he had transformed into a SSj3 fighting Vegeta-Baby as a Golden Oozaru. Who do you think wins

This is General Rilldo before he absorbed the Sigma Force into his body against Super Boo (before absorbing anyone). Who d

This is Bulla, the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, from GT, vs. Final Form Frieza at the fullest extent of his powers. Who d

Super Hatchiyack is version of Hatchiyack, a Tuffle computer that, in the OVA, turned into a robot fighter that basically kic

This is GT Gohan, in his Base form, vs. Chibi Boo. I personally say that Gohan wins this. The GT Perfect Files state th

Insane that I'm doing a thread like this, but if you think about it, one could argue that the Original SSj God Saiyan was

This is assuming that Goku and Vegeta, from Battle of Gods, fused into Super Saiyan Gogeta and fought Gohan-Boo. If too mu

This is Broly from Movie 10 fighting SSj2 Goku from the Boo Arc. Who do you think wins? IMO, I think Broly wins after a go

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