Guitarheroineno1 Dingo Steinberg
Sep 19, 09 10:52pm

OK let's try this again.

You made me lol a few minutes ago. so now you lol!!! =D

Lol away, my friend. =D

Guitarheroineno1 Dingo Steinberg
Sep 19, 09 10:49pm
You just mentioned something that made me lol. So I went out of my way to find you a special picture so that you can lol too.


Are you loll'in yet? XD

Super Shaolin Dingo Steinberg
Dec 18, 07 9:00pm
Hey DS, remember that South Park Skit u sent me in my GB? Well, here's one from the movie, I'll write one for you in return....

Mr. Garrison: Come on now, don't be shy.

Kyle: I think I know the answer, Mr. Garrison.

Cartman: (mocking voice)

Kyle: Shut up, fat boy!


Mr. Garrison: Eric! Did you just say the F word?

Cartman: Jew?

Kyle: No, he's talking about F---. You can't say f---ing school, you f---ing fat ass.

Mr. Garrison: KYLE!

Cartman: Why the f--- not?

Mr. Garrison: Eric!

Stan: Dude, you just say f--- again!

Mr. Garrison: STANLEY!

Kenny: Mmmph!

Mr. Garrison: KENNY!

Cartman: What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anybody, f--- f---ity f--- f--- f---!

Mr. Garrison: How would you like to go see the school counselor?

Cartman: How would you like to suck my balls?

(all gasp)

Mr. Garrison: WHAT DID YOU SAY????

Cartman: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.... what I said was... (megaphone) HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS, MR. GARRISON? (beep)


Stan: Holy s---, dude.

Major pwnage, isn't it?
Nintendoid Dingo Steinberg
Sep 21, 07 8:14pm
hey ds ive seen you alot in the crash forums heres hoping to us as neofriends!! believe you me... dont let the name fool you i still like crash sonic ect. ect.)

ps. are we neofriends?

Thunder850 Dingo Steinberg
May 20, 07 7:18pm
I finally got a chance to sign your guestbook. I have seen you in the CTTR forums, and you signed my guestbook, so I'm signing back. Well, I don't have a stamp, so this is all I can write.

Super Shaolin Dingo Steinberg
Feb 09, 07 4:04am
Hey DS, thanks for signin' my GB with that funniest KYS skit. It was reeeeal cool! If you're available, we can still chat sometime. OK, see you later! :)
IT JOO! IT REALLY REALLY JOO! When's the last time I signed? Ages. You still owe me some chocolate.

...or I'll order CTTR Crunch to sit on you.

CTTR Crunch: Ish ready to sit!
Hey thanks for the compliments in the writer's lounge forum. I really put a lot of effort on that Poem. Let me see some of your work too! Just thought i'd sign your guestbook. Happy new year.
Doggen4ever Dingo Steinberg
Dec 18, 06 11:09pm
"Hey, Doggen4ever. Just thought I'd say Happy Holidays! Oh, and I'm sorry I accused you of reporting me to that mod at the CNK forum. Maybe we could start over and be neofriends again?

Anywho, my apologies for being such a bitch! And now that I've signed your guestbook, feel free to sign back if you want."

Finally read your guestbook signing, sorry for the 2 year wait! but yeh, start over as friends again

How you been anyway dude? Sign back
lorenza_frenzy Dingo Steinberg
Nov 27, 06 3:27am
Why hello ds I haven't signed any guestbooks in a while and i randomly ended up on your profile n stuff so i thought i would sign, cya on msn and around neo, since *yay* i came back....¬¬ Well cya around, and umm...hope you like the really interesting guestbook signing xD Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bobcat370 Dingo Steinberg
Oct 22, 06 3:22pm
Happy Birthday! (If it is your birthday)My Birthday was yesterday by the way (wierd huh) on the 21st of October. I got loads of stuff. C ya Around.
protoman13 Dingo Steinberg
Jun 29, 06 3:56am
You've been a long time neofriend and here's to all the laughs we've had and all there is to come!
Master Zhang He Dingo Steinberg
Apr 02, 06 8:38am
DS:Well, here's some news for ya!

I'm going to move to your hometown!


In case u didn't notice my orientation is straight.

DS:APRIL FOOLS on my part!

MZH:That April Fools is as weak as you in a gay bar.

Just so u can remember part of your April Fools of '06.
Road Rocket Dingo Steinberg
Apr 02, 06 8:28am
I wanted a flying chocolate pie. Why you play tricks on me, foo'?

LOOK BEHIND YOU! CRUNCH IS ABOUT TO POUNCE ON YA' AND SUCK YER BRAIN OUTTA YER EARS!!!!!1111!!ELEVEN!!1122!1!!shift+1!!!anda4! Ah hahahahahahaha April Fools. >=D
Betcha I gotchu 'dere.
Stupid topic name. Anyway, long time, no sign. I haven't signed in a while and decided that I should come and do so. Just checkin' on ya. See ya soon!
Master Zhang He Dingo Steinberg
Jan 27, 06 2:08am
My master and your friend Road Rocket is the
coolest member on neo. The only person that even comes close to him is Studly Cannon. If you think otherwise your in for disappointment-_-.
Super Shaolin Dingo Steinberg
Jan 24, 06 7:32am
You know, we've been chatting through PM's after PM's, so thanks for signing my personal guestbook. After all, were still neofriends, you know. And you have a cool sig and profile, BTW. I don't have any pics to post for you, but I'm here to sign this baby for you! Later, DS!
Akiva Dingo Steinberg
Dec 16, 05 8:14am
I saw you around so i thought i would sign... Sign back!

Road Rocket Dingo Steinberg
Dec 02, 05 8:01am
It's 25 days until CHRISTMAS!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! Here's a stamp to get you in that holly jolly mood.


At least it's funny. =P


For more beautiful Christmas classics, contact
Brooklyn Dingo Steinberg
Nov 20, 05 2:55am

Hello there! Just wanted to wish you and your friends/family a Happy Thanksgiving. Have fun. Also, here's a special Thanksgiving stamp for you:

Peace out.
Super Dogg Dingo Steinberg
Nov 19, 05 4:50pm
hello just signing your guestbook feel free to sign back here is a very bad stamp that i made in paint it took me under a minute to make

Brooklyn Dingo Steinberg
Nov 08, 05 9:13pm
COuldn't think of a good title. I guess I forgot to tell you, but I've been sick for a few days. But I'm better now...

Dude, also, the CTR forum was cleaned...the tournament thread's gone, I think the blooper thread might be gone. My post-count was lowered. That's how I know.

So here's a stamp:

You can sign back if you'd like. Talk to you in the PMs.
Thomas60 Dingo Steinberg
Nov 01, 05 6:50pm
Its me your impersonated arch enemy lol, anyway to avoid any more confusion im going to show what a nice person i am by signing your guestbook.

Of course you realise this guestbook signing isn't free , now you'll have to sign my guestbook hehe.
Actually im really low on guestbook signings, i'll thank you for it.

See you in the forums Dingo.
Peace out!

Road Rocket Dingo Steinberg
Oct 28, 05 8:29am
Happy Halloween, Dingo Steinberg!!!!

Signed by the one and only (hopefully)
raymanmaster Dingo Steinberg
Oct 23, 05 3:05pm
happy birthday from me and all the crash fans at neoseeker
have a good one on us
raymanmaster and the rest