I'm going to be 18 this year and I will be starting my senior year of high school! So yes, I am quite excited. I also happen to be a Dingodile maniac. I mean, I can't stop thinking about him! I also like Crunch Bandicoot as well.

These are some of my best neofriends:
Dingodile Blitzer, Crashone, Road Rocket, Dazzlespark, gotenks992,raymanmaster, King Ma Chao, burntcoconuts, superdogg, joecool... There are too many to list!

Bleh, my life isn't all that interesting. But when I'm 18, things'll change.


I like basketball, but I also like video games, such as Crash Team Racing. I think there are a lot of things that are awesome about the tech world, but the best thing is the video gaming part.
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Review: Crash Bash - Nice Party Game!

Aug 19, 2004

Best party game ever! The Crash characters are cool, and there's the fact that you can team up with whoeve pops next to you! For example, let's say you're using one of the weaker characters, like Crash, Coco, Dingodile, Rilla Roo, Cortex or N....

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