Lovedove Dine_Agoti
Feb 14, 09 5:14pm

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with love, hugs, kisses, and candy! ^-^

Shana Dine_Agoti
Jan 26, 09 4:49pm
quote Dine_Agoti
March 17th, 2002 : Myself and stevekrenn were promoted to (moderator) status in the Dynasty Warriors 3 forum, regardless of there being some significantly more intellectual members in the running (I guess it was because Steve applied us to the position through the mod requests thread).
You need to change that to where it says "Shana joins Neoseeker. Shana also turns 12."

Right. Get on it.
The Omega Dine_Agoti
Nov 8, 08 7:04am

Happy Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Whoopdeedoo, whoopdeedoo!
Hope your day is pleasant, OPEN UP YOUR PRESENT!!!
Just for you, just for you!

[Warning: GB signing may or may not actually contain a present ]
Rikku Chick Dine_Agoti
Sep 1, 08 5:56pm
You smell. Hehehehehehe.

Here's a stamp~

So yeah. Obviously I'm bored. ):

remembah tuh sign mah gee-bee back >w
Taki Dine_Agoti
Mar 4, 08 4:16pm
[size=2]'re awesome.

Yes, you are.

I enjoy talking with you. Talk to me whenever; if you feel like to, should ask about something, or need a graphic request. Anything 4 u bebe.

~ Hugs N Kisses,

- Sana
Slayerholic17 Dine_Agoti
Feb 8, 08 2:34am
Hi, I figure you're still mad at me from before, but I figurd I would try to say hi anyway, and see how you're doing. Just happened to see your name in the World of Warcraft forum while I was browsing around, made me wonder how you are.

It's cool if you won't write back, just thought I would give it a shot. Hope you're doing well.

I would have made you a stamp like old times, but eh.

SilverLightningTusk Dine_Agoti
Nov 8, 07 9:55pm
And I meant to give you my stamp made just for you. Now I can.

Again, I just wanted to pop in and give you a thank you and a big, warm hug. Just for being you.

SilverLightningTusk Dine_Agoti
Nov 7, 07 11:40pm
....For listening to me rant during our PM's, and talking about myself. I know it can get annoying, so again. Thank you for putting up with my crap. You're a great person, and I'm happy to just talk to you.
Master Zhang Liao Dine_Agoti
Aug 12, 07 10:07pm
Hehe, think this one will be a game we'll both have fun with.

One of the avatars I remember from my early days here, I've always believed you're a friendly fellow and a good Mod when you had the chance.

See you out there.
Lilah Madore Dine_Agoti
May 16, 06 4:45pm

We are too cute XD Love you bunches!
Cute Phantasy Dine_Agoti
Feb 14, 06 3:50am
just thought i would sign, feeling in the spirit and all, happy valentines day!

hey do you know when te next olympics start? pm me if you do??

From ~*CP*~
Master Zhang He Dine_Agoti
Aug 1, 05 4:01am
Hello Dine just wanted to say hi probably don't know me.I feel that you are a great member so i a signing your GB.I look up to you.So see ya around
Jul 26, 05 5:48pm
I didn't seriously expect you to still be around. But damn, I'm glad you are. If the old brain cells are a little fuzzy, this would happen to be Khal from the FFXI days. In any case, Im signing because, even though I have that annoying tendancy to vanish without a trace, I always remember my friends. And you Dine are a friend for life.
Hope you've been well.

LordMaChao Dine_Agoti
Jun 19, 05 3:55pm

1) With the amount of time it has taken me to type this sentence, I could of played through every addition in DW5:XL

2) Guild Wars isn't as fun anymore, so I needed something to do

3) You're one of the ten surviving ROT3K fans ever since Bonedragon conquered China (literally) and was assassinated

4) I wanted to try out this giant stamp and leave it at that, which I know you would love, but I decided not to

5) I seriously have nothing else to do at the moment, no kidding


7) DW6 comes out tomorrow! I can't wait

So, anyway, there's a list of stale, unwitty comments. As for something that comes form the heart: you're awesome. I enjoyed our past conversations. If you ever have a rant, no matter how offensive, feel free to PM me. Because, in the end, I'm sure I hate it too.
Shana Dine_Agoti
Mar 21, 05 7:18pm
I love you!

I do, I do. Maan, we've known each other forevarrrr... ^0^ And we've had our fights and problems, but each time we just seem to get closer! XP Maybe I should give you reasons to get mad so I can... *cough* ... Anyway! Moving right along...

*rolls around on guestbook*

AHHH!! SUMO!!! *fails... miserably* =( Tear, tear. XD

Hey, props to you! I still love you and you're not English. WOT TEH FOCK?! That must be like a huge step. =D


^ ^ Love you forevar, Jeffins~
Shana Dine_Agoti
Feb 14, 05 4:41am

... I love you, can I stamp you now?

I know how much you love Valentine's Day. XD

Slayerholic17 Dine_Agoti
Feb 13, 05 6:40am
Bwahaha, back so soon, I know. Well...after our conversation on MSN, I thought of the perfect stamp to make you. So here it is, in all it's lameness.....







Be amazed at my paint skills. I can't even draw a perfectly round boob Next time maybe you'll get an ass.

Slayerholic17 Dine_Agoti
Feb 6, 05 11:51pm
Ahh, I see, I see, custom made stamps are personal enough for you? Well, well, well, I'll have to think about that. Perhaps I will make one just for you, wouldn't that make you feel special?

You know, I was considering just putting my cool stampy in here anyway, just to annoy you!

It's been cool talking with you over pm these past, what two days? Or is it one? Oh, who knows. It's great you're a 24 fan! I only wish I'd been into it as long as you have.

*throws a rock at you from her hiding place in the bush next to your house and cackles*

Taking up bandwidth, one guestbook signing and pm at a time.

Ethereal Dine_Agoti
Dec 21, 04 9:57pm

Hey Jeff! Here's a stamp just for you and the 40 other people I'm stamping!! Seems you have quite a few fangirls in here? @_@ Nu---!? You're my hero! Well, I'll go faint or something now. Merry Christmas~!
Shana Dine_Agoti
Dec 16, 04 1:21am
sweet blossom Dine_Agoti
Nov 7, 04 9:51pm

I'm just here to wish you a very happy birthday ^^.... You are my very good friend. I love talking to you ^^. Thanks for fixing my "grammar" error XD... <Dang you can type Jeffrey> Thanks for being my cool friend! I love you! " well... you know what I meant <Don't think that I have feelings for you kk?> XD Happy birthday, you pervert! jm jm.
kidsister Dine_Agoti
Nov 6, 04 5:02pm
i don't think i've ever signed your guestbook, but if i have one more signing couldn't hurt.

i don't have and pretty stamp, because i have no clue how to make one. i can just offer you some words of friendship. so here they are:

Two lone wolves set out hunting one day. One was a seasoned hunter; the other was a mere novice. They both tracked the same deer into a forest known for being deadly to wolves.
From all around the forest came the sound of a trap snapping an unsuspecting leg. The novice struggled to get free of the trap, but it could not. The master happened by on the trail of the deer and saw the plight of the doomed wolf.
"I haven't eaten most of the winter. Ican not escape this trap even if I removed my own leg." the novice said.
The master wolf did not reply. He went back to hunting the deer. The novice lay it's head down and waited for death. After some time the master returned with a great haunch of deer for the novice.
"We have 4 days to get you out of the trap or we both die trying when the trappers come." the master said.
For 4 days the master hunter helped the novice to survive in the trap. each day they thought of ways to help release the novice, but nothing worked. The final day was bitterly cold.
"Go I will face down the trappers alone or take my leg off." the novice said.
"No Igave you my word as a friend we stand together. Ihave an idea." the master said.
The trappers came into the clearing to find a dead wolf. They took out their knives and prepared to open the trap and skin the wolf. The minute the trap was opened the master hunter sprang at the trappers nd the novice limped away swift as possible. They found each other later in a burrow.
"You help me when you could have left me for dead. For this we will always be friends." said the novice.
"We shall share our days as friends." said the master.
To this day neither wolf has hunted alone. They are a good hunting team as well as friends.

Thank You for stopping to help a wolf you didm't know.
Shana Dine_Agoti
Sep 17, 04 6:47am
I would of liked it more if you made a huge mushy gushy signing about how awesomely spectacular I am. ^^ You know, an ego-booster. =D


Oh, and claim your secret love for me, too. ;o
Okay, Jeff, you asked for it. Here I go...

Dear Jeff,
I've been holding it up inside of me for such a long time, I can hardly contain it... Words like "Wow, he's so awesomely spectacular" keep popping up in my brain. It's all true, though, darling. I can't believe how much I love you. I guess I'm too much of a coward to tell you in person, so I'll just write it down here... and hope that you'll someday see this. -_- I know that you're with Paige, but please, just leave her. You know I love you ten times more! I love you so much, Jeffrey...

Love you always,
Shana Dine_Agoti
Sep 17, 04 5:53am
i pwn u biach!!!111
Punk Trash Dream Dine_Agoti
Sep 17, 04 1:37am
hii!! I'm lonely as heck, on a sugar high and bored! Soooo...i decided to sign your guestbook ^^. You know I've learned something, ?! doesnt mean multiply. *nods* ._.

Jeff, you're the best boyfriend...I mean that honestly. You're sweet, kind, understanding, fun to hang out with, loving, just the best ^^. I love you so much, and I hope we can have a long relationship.

I love you!! *kissies*
-Paige, Jeffies lover, secret stalker, and still...his number one pimp ^~