is being overwhelmed by all the good games coming out.
Played all the way to level 24 (almost 25), kind of got tired of it after Demon's Souls stole my soul. Will go back eventually. Aion PC
is a Demon Slayer, KEKEKE.
is desperately searching for Demon's Souls... >=[
is being consumed by Aion.
is excited for Aion!
Finally started playing BG again. I'm a Half-Elf Fighter/Cleric, and I plan to have a party of Imoen, Coran, Minsc, Dynaheir, and Viconia. BaldursGate PC
Finally started up on this game. Lots of fun, though can be very frustrating. CuldceptSaga X360
is out of mana.
Haven't been playing lately since I don't belong to the Chinese trial anymore. Chose not to pre-order or get into beta. Waiting on release. Aion PC
Recently downloaded the Chinese version of the game and have been playing the free trial. Really awesome so far. Aion PC
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