Life ain't good. Someone help me.

Is your heart racing? Well it should, because the official release date for Borderlands 2 Vita has been announced for the NTS

Guess what? It’s Pokemon but in Third Person 3D mode. It’s in it’s early alpha stage so you can only walk

So I'm now going to an institute on every weekend from 6 AM to 4 PM to ruin half my youth study. In one class, there are

So do you guys take the "Scenic Route" in the games you play? I try my best to add my own challenges in games I pl

So do you save up often? I'm saving up fight now for a Vita game. And if the game turns out to be bad, I'm gonna sav

0 notifications and 0 PMS 2 consecutive days. Is it just me or Neo's getting even more inactive?

So for those who've played the game, was there any music in which you fell in love with in the game, or you played that p

Uhh, it's kinda inverse for what @MegaBassMan did in the Dota 2 forum. I finally just got the game running. I've had

I'm surprised to notice that the posters in the mArvel: War of Heroes forum have never posted out of the forum

As the thread title says, anyone got some really amazing music that you want to share? The thing is, I'm the guy who only

David Attenborough 3D marathon (at least it's educational procrastination).
Hong Kong/Japan trip this September. Lovely target to work towards <3! GO GO GO!!
Sometimes, listening to a soundtrack sates your need to replay games <3. Have you played it? Have you tried it out? If the answer to the above question is no, then

Please support! For Tommy Vercetti's sake. :(

To be honest, this came to me as something which would be surprisingly cool. Might be something complicated, but it'd be

I've been wondering for a while about this now, since I don't have the game. I'd rather hear the answers of actua

I've finally got trained enough to type correctly without looking at the keyboard. *bleep* YEAH

So, what're you doin' right now as you read this thread? I'm eating butter chicken and playing Tetris with Amy.


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