I own many games (although I have so many it would be hard to say all of them)I also like using computers, gaming, and drawing! Sometimes I watch TV and read comics. I do other things in the summer besides computers, drawing, and playing games.


Favorite games:DK64 Spyro PSX games,DKC2,SMB 1 2 and 3,Crash sometimes

Other: Computers, Drawing, and of course playing Video games.
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Review: Conker: Live and Reloaded - Foul Critters Join Up For Gnarly Fun (Multiplayer Review!)

Dec 9, 2006

CONKER LIVE AND RELOADED MULTIPLAYER REVIEW (No info about Live) Conker Live And Reloaded's multiplayer focuses on the distinctive war between the Tediz (Basically they're teddy bears) and the SHC (Squirrel High Command). Live And Reloaded's...

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